In order for athletes to perform at top levels during competitions, the training and diet leading up to the event must be dialed down to a “t.” There is no room for picky eaters or lightweights in the halls of the champions.

It is a well known fact that diet plays a substantial part in any athlete’s life; but what exactly are these superhuman performers consuming?

Although we find a recommended daily amount on the back of every box in our supermarket(and for the average Joe, this is a good outline for a healthy diet) for our friendly neighborhood professional athletes, these guidelines are a laughable underestimate.


For our latest infographic, we took a closer look at 7 well known, championship winning male athletes and compared their daily intake to the recommended daily amounts that we all know of.

The results are in, and they are staggering to say the least, these high performance running, swimming and ball playing bastards eat incredible amounts….like double the daily recommendation incredible!

Granted, that the conditions under which characters like Usain Bolt and Ryan Lochte were eating McDonalds 3 times a day were uncommon (apparently Beijing food is less than pre-Olympic diet material). The sheer number of calories that these athletes were consuming are mind boggling.

Whats more? A diet of Mickey D’s (the diet of champions right?) did not stop Ryan Lochte winning 4 Olympic medals for the USA, and Usain Bolt winning 3 Olympic medals for Jamaica (and becoming the then fastest Olympian in the 100m to boot)

Quick medical disclaimer: Just because it worked for these guys does not mean it will work for you, please don’t go eating fast food every day because Usain Bolt did it!



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