Technology can be a great thing for many reasons. Technology has streamlined our everyday lives, making once complex tasks trivial.But there are certain hazards that come with using it. For example, those same automation capabilities are now responsible for the rapid replacement of humans with robots in a number of jobs.

Technology has the power to transform our lives, but historically, new technology has not always been welcomed. In the past, new technologies have often bought with them new dangers. The industrial revolution, for example, was ushered in with no safeguards for workers. The resulting injuries were often severe.

Most of the injuries that people sustain from using technology todayare relatively minor. This is partly a reflection of our vastly improved industrial safety standards, but it also illustrates the growing confidence and sophistication when it comes to devising and deploying new technology. Both of these factors, our increased awareness of safety concerns and more sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, means that technology today goes wrong less often, and when it does go wrong, the effects are generally much less dangerous.

It will never be possible to remove the element of danger from technology altogether. However, the steps that we have taken so far in minimizing the danger posed by technology show that both the will and the way do exist. The other weapon that we have in our battle for better safety standards is education.

The following injuries are the most common tech-related injuries encountered today. The more you learn about these injuries, the easier it will be to prevent them. Most people aren’t even aware that what they are doing is contributing to their declining health, so it’s crucial that you take heed of the below information.

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Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is a common condition among those who play video games or work on a computer keyboard every day. The condition can cause pain and numbness in the wrists and hands, symptoms which can cause alarm. This condition can develop into something serious if it is ignored, but fortunately, it is easily managed. One of the best things you can do to prevent this condition from developing is to invest in an ergonomic keyboard or device that is designed to limit the sort of strain that causes carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another effective measure you can take in preventing carpal tunnel from emerging, to begin with, is to make sure you take regular breaks from your computer. Our society places a tremendous amount of value on work ethic. We are all expected to constantly be pushing ourselves to work harder and longer. Unfortunately, this can easily come at the expense of our health. This is a prime example of how the overuse of technology can be a bad thing.

Tech Neck

The condition known as “tech neck” usually results from those who use a laptop and look down at the screen on a regular basis. This can be quite painful and sometimes even debilitating. There are lots of different ways to prevent this from occurring, such as putting your laptop on a surface that is more level with your line of sight. If you want to avoid neck pain from tech, you should look into neck strengthening exercises.

Whether you are a gamer or an office worker, your posturematters – more on that below. Just as an ergonomic keyboard can help to prevent strain injuries to your wrists, the chair that you sit in can make a big difference to the way that you sit. When working at a computer, you want to sit up straight and keep your eyes front and centerwhere possible.

Lower Back Pain

It’s not uncommon at all for those who sit at a desk all day every day to start experiencing lower back pain at some point. This pain can be fairly mild or severe, depending on how long it is ignored. One of the best things you can do to avoid this problem is to invest in a comfortable chair that will keep you upright at all times. You should also practice good posture so that you don’t start slouching, which can cause back pain.

Standing Desk Ache

Standing desks have become popular of late since the hidden dangers of sitting at a desk between 9-5 have become more apparent.  Unfortunately, it is now coming to light that standing desks come with their own set of problems, such as sore feet and poor posture.  There are,however, a few simple ways to combat this problem such as alternating between standing and sitting, investing in supportive shoes, and perhaps investing in an anti-fatigue mat.

Swiper’s Thumb

With the rise in the use of smartphones, extensive research has been undertaken to look at the effects this may have on the user’s thumbs.  In fact, it is even claimed that through overuse, thumbs are becoming 15% bigger on a person’s dominant hand. Unfortunately, this can cause muscle strain similar to that of carpal tunnel syndrome, so it may be time to start putting your phone down more often.

Each year, millions of people unknowingly begin developing all sorts of injuries and detrimental conditions related to their use of technology. If you want to avoid these issues, it is important that you keep these simple but effective solutions in mind.


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