Tandem bike riding is more of a collaborative sport where two riders with differing capacities can cycle together. Most tandems combine a child trailer or even a trail cycler so more people can ride along with none left behind. In most cases, tandem bike riding works best for an adult and a child.  

Tandem bike attachment is very useful in introducing a toddler to the cycling world. Younger kids can make do with bike seats or possibly a child trailer. 

However, when they cross north of five years, bike tandem attachments may become more befitting accessories for them. These attachments can be joined to your bicycle’s frame. You can also join them via the seat post. Many tandem attachments come with handlebars and pedals. 

It makes the whole system appear like a functional bicycle. So for example, on a cycling trip, you can get quite exhausted and delegate pedal cycling duties to your kids. With a tandem attachment, your kid can more attentively watch you cycle – learning the technique in lesser time and more safety.  The handlebar attachment also enables your wards to attain appropriate bike posture. 

With the multiplicity of tandem attachment found across the market, how do you select one that suits you?


How compatible is the tandem attachment?

The compatibility of your tandem attachment is always paramount. How perfectly does the attachment fit your bike? For example, the tandem accessories should fit into the rear axle of your bike or its frame. 

Therefore, you should be considering the diameter of your seat post tube and the diameter of the frame when procuring tandem attachments for your bike. Not every bike out there in the market fits well with tandem attachments, especially specialty bikes.


How safe is the tandem bike attachment?

You are not going to ignore the safety of your riding partner, especially your kids. It would help if you were keen on how efficient the attachment parts are, particularly the buckles. 

The installment should be impeccable. That said, the sturdiness of the wheel is crucial. In the best scenario, the tandem is girded with suspensions. You should also pay some thoughts to the capacity of the attachment to ride effectively irrespective of terrain – sand or mountain trails.


How convenient is the tandem for your partner

If you are riding with your kids, you should consider how comfortable your little loved ones are with the tandem. You can let them feel out the seats, for example, if it is cool with them. A backrest makes the transition from a child bike seat to a tandem more convenient for your kid.

Furthermore, watch out for the height adjustment of your tandem. Such height adjustment should give your kids (or your riding partner) the avenue to rest their feet on the pedal.

The best tandems are made with class and quality. Ride together with your loved ones and toast more memorable moments en route with utmost joy and satisfaction!





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