The change in the dating landscape has brought lots of demands from the daters.   In the past, dating online or finding love online is readily frowned upon. It was not the norm then. Now, things have changed, people are surprised that when you are single and yet you have not exhausted other dating modes like chatting online.  Single individuals, single dad or mom, seniors dating are all tuned to the online dating sites to find love. A study by Pew Research mentioned that day, nearly half of the public knows someone who uses online dating or who have met a spouse or partner via chatting online . I am one of those involved in the dating online moves but I used this free dating sites to meet someone through chatting online.

Due to the popularity of the online dating sites, competition has increased. It is expected that many are probably vying for the attention of a hot girl. As a male looking for a date online,   you have to compete with hundreds of men to have a chance to talk to that desired girl of yours. You need to have that  X factor to rise above the other competitive men.

Putting up a good profile is an important step prior to conversations.  Pump up that profile by using a picture that will showcase your best features. Take time to set – up your profile. Be as truthful in your profile as pretending to be someone else will not work well. Also, be as interesting as you are in your profile as in real – life. Include those quirky things about you as these are interesting pieces that can attract attention. This information is also good as conversation openers.

Then, if given the chance, there is that problem with the skills that you need so that you can be given attention and priority. You see, the goal of this communication is to land your first date! Here are some of the tips


1.    Do your homework for that great first impression to start conversations

You have to customize your talk to the profile of your date. Prepare for the initial encounter with thinking of appropriate openers. Openers that elicit laughter are highly welcome. In general, women like men who can make them laugh. If you can pull it off, you are in. Talk about your common interest. Point out specific items that you have seen in her profile. Show your genuineness by talking about her interest and you can share yours, too. This will make your discussion more interesting. Be careful as to not appear too cheesy or trying too hard. Do not overthink the situation and try to censor every word that you say.  Just let it flow naturally and do not force things.

Be aware if you appear or sound too nervous. It is good to practice talking to the mirror or to friends so that the girl will not feel the palpable nervous energy coming from you.

If you cannot get her attention at the first, try getting her attention with jokes and interesting comments about your life.


2.    Keep the conversation going, ask questions

After that promising opening, sustain the interest and energy that you have generated. Ask appropriate questions.  Women love to talk about themselves. If you ask the right questions, you may not have to ask so many questions and just let her share.

One important thing to consider is to listen actively. Even if you are not talking make that impression that you are there, you are connected and you are interested. Being there and being present is a good way to show your sensitive side and that you are genuinely engaged at this moment

When talking, do not use abbreviations or the shortened words commonly used in texts. It doesn’t work when you are trying to impress a girl. Try to use proper English to show that you are cultured and you can hold up to a proper conversation.

Giving out a compliment will not hurt either as everyone loves the compliment. Look closely at her picture and profile and try to be specific about that compliment. A compliment that can only be meant for her is special. Girls would love to know further a guy who can give them special compliments. Compliments are not really good as openers. If not properly handled, it might come off that you are only interested in her physical assets and not with her as a person. So it is good if used sparingly and used in the middle of the conversations.


3.    End it with a bang …but be realistic

        You should make sure that you have made that great impression and you have taken out your   artilleries to make a bang prior to ending the conversation. If you have a mental list of what to tell her, then you can make a quick recall before you can end the conversation. If you have exhausted your list of what to say or if the girl wants to leave the conversation, giving a thank you is not bad at all. It will come off that you are sincere and that you really value this moment. You have done your part but be realistic. You may still get rejections but do not fret armed with the skills you now have – that first date or phone number is just a few talk away.


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