Taking Your Bedroom to the Next Level


This is a guest post from an interior decorator who reached out us. She’s passionate about helping men improve the way they present their space to the women in their life. Check it out.

Your bedroom is an extension of your personal style and look. With summer well on its way, now is the perfect time to spruce up your bedroom. Below are some tips for elevating your room and making it a place you’re proud to lay your head at night, and where women will want to lay their next to you.

1) Bedding

It’s amazing how many guys don;t think about bedding. This is huge to women. A night at your place could be followed by many revisits with the right bedding.

And there’s no better feeling than a fresh pair of sheets on your bed. Beyond comfort, you must consider quality.

My recommendation: Parachute is a bedding brand based in Los Angeles that delivers on both fronts: their linens are soft and luxurious, made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton by artisans in Italy who have been weaving world class bedding for over 60 years. Parachute’s crisp, minimalistic look enables you to add some distinctive design touches or keep it clean and simple.

Check them out, or do your own shopping.

2) Organization

Let’s face it, sometimes our bedrooms get messy. Your room might not actually be dirty, but if it’s a place that gathers everything that didn’t find a home elsewhere…it’s time to declutter.

Clothing and laundry are usually the most likely clutter culprits. Get in the habit of putting clothes where they belong immediately: place clean items on hangers or in drawers and put dirty laundry in a hamper with a lid so that it is out of sight.

Keep the surfaces of desks, nightstands, TV stands, etc clear of clutter. Put any unnecessary items in a bin and store them under your bed or in a closet.

Cleaning up your space makes your room look bigger and more inviting.

Here is what to do when you don’t want to clean the carpet yourself

3) Conversation Starters

The enlightened man will bring an element of sophistication to his bedroom.

Incorporating a one-of-a-kind piece of décor adds life to your room by providing a focal point. Grungy posters from your college years should be replaced by an artistic print or painting. Think canvas and you’re good to go.

In Conclusion

Being sophisticated doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

Set up a bookshelf to highlight a few of your favorite titles, or showcase an impressive movie collection. Record players, like this one, are also a nice decorative touch.

Essentially, everything in your bedroom should be of use or something you find beautiful – these are the keys to elevating your look.

Trust me guys, it will make all the difference.


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