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Being an employee or just an agent in prominent business organizations is a tedious task. A lot of people think that when they get promoted, the job becomes easier. However, most of the people don’t realize that situation is not an easy position as it may seem.

When they do get promoted, they quickly find out that it isn’t always easy.  Most of them quit, find another job, get demoted, and work up again. It’s a cycle that’s destined to tire them out and leave them unsatisfied for something they usually know but completely avoid. This cycle is also the reason why most of them start a business and usually find their success there.

Some find success, some may not. However, a lot strive hard and end up being successful when they do manage their own business. Here are some tips to follow so that you don’t end up caught in the cycle mentioned above.


#1: Take Your Stand

If you are unsatisfied with your current condition, admit that no one can fix them but you. It does not do any good when you blame everything on the economy, your spouse or your family or your boss. Change can only happen when you carry out a conscious desire to make it happen.


#2: Have Some Self-Motivation

One of the great things about being self-employed is that you will be doing work which you want to do. As a result of that, you will get a higher level of motivation, and you would jump out of bed for extreme enthusiasm to get to work each day.

However, we need to accept the reality that a job will always have a bumpy side to it, meaning that there isn’t a job in the world where you won’t get tired off.

Whatever work you wish to do, there will always be a bit level of stress from attempting to achieve your great standards, dealing with clients, and meeting deadlines. You might also have some days where you may feel uninspired and lose out to see the excitement in every task ahead of you.

You’ll need to learn to motivate yourself through these kinds of days happening. Self-motivation is very important to create a productive and fulfilling career for yourself.


#3: Enough Self-Discipline

Without any employer watching over your shoulder to inspect on your development, you might tempt on doing Facebook all day, watching television while you’re working, or even letting yourself fall asleep during a rainy afternoon off.

Having a lack of self-control is an indication that you will end up being just a procrastinator rather than a professional.  Even if you can overcome distractions and can maintain your focus all the time, doing work for yourself might mean that you will have to labor beyond office hours just to meet deadlines.

You will need the discipline to adhere to your schedule and make sacrifices sometimes to get work done. Having lack of self-discipline could result in a risk of missing deadlines and suddenly damage your professional reputation.

#4: You Must Identify The Right Business That Suit For You

Give yourself a chance to explore. Be amenable to look at other fields that you think may benefit you. Learn and listen from experts in that field and apply what they tell you. Finding the right type of business saves you the time and money.


#5: Business Planning Increases The Chances of Your Success

Most people don’t prepare for their future. Proper planning can help you avoid setbacks that will ultimately derail your business. A great business plan could help you achieve focus, confidence, and clarity. A good plan needs to look at possible angles, good or bad. Having an unbiased look at every detail prepares you to deal with them accordingly.


#6: You Must Know Your Target Customers Before Spending a Bit of Your Penny

Before you spend up money, you must find out first if your products and or services is a hit with consumers. Who exactly will purchase your products? Will they like it? Will they buy more? Do men prefer this product more than women? Asking these questions is an important facet because you wouldn’t want to end up losing on profit.

You could also ask your customers for feedback on your item or service. This way, you’ll know straight from them on what they like and don’t like.


#7: Understand Private Financing and How to Use Your Money

You must understand your finances and determine the right kind of money you will need for your chosen business. Being an entrepreneur your business life and personal life is connected. You’re likely to be the first and possibly your only investor.

Therefore, having an accurate knowledge of your finances, and ability to track them, is a significant first step before trying to find outside funding for your own business.The reason why I suggest having a financial advisory that could give you financial/cash flow analysis and advice in a money management system that could simplify the process for you.

As you’re creating your business scheme, you’ll need to acknowledge what kind of business you are developing, a lifestyle type of business, a franchise type or a techy business. At this point, it’s up to you to gamble high or low.


#8: You Must Develop a Support Network

Developing a network that will serve as a tool for strengthening your business is an integral part of a thriving business. Networks easily allow you to market your products, know what’s wrong, etc.


#9: Selling By and Creating Value To Your Customers

Lastly, even if we buy products and services every day, most people don’t want to be “disappointed.” You should focus on serving others in a good manner. The more customers you serve well, the more money that will come to you.



For some of us, the sense of working for ourselves is a dream of everyone indeed. Who doesn’t desire to become a boss in your own business and have some employees that will work for you, right?

Starting a business is a completely different thing from being employed. It takes more risk and guts to start your own. By following the steps above, you can ensure that you have a smooth run through of your business.


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Kobe Parker is an environmentalist who loves writing about business related topics. He enjoys providing his readers insight and inspires them to be successful in their own way. He often cites Ashe Morgan as a credible source for his articles. When not writing, Kobe enjoys playing pickup basketball games with is buddies.


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