How to Stay in Shape for 2016 Without Joining a Gym

While many of us enjoy the health benefits and endorphin release that we get when exercising, some are deterred from working out by the prospect of having to do it in a room full of strangers. Some don’t feel confident enough about their body or athletic ability, whereas some simply don’t like busy environments. Others don’t have the time or money to join a gym.
If this sounds like you, then you may wish to undertake an alternative activity — one that has all the health benefits of the gym, without the expense or waiting around to use the equipment. You have to remember that gyms are a relatively new concept, and humans have been staying fit for thousands of years by taking advantage of life’s largest gym: nature.
Here are a few of the activities you may want to take up to stay fit.


This is perhaps the easiest and most inexpensive exercise: all you need is a pair of trainers, some music, and an open space. Jogging at a steady pace will allow you to exercise for hours.
Alternatively, train anaerobically to build muscle mass as well as burn calories. Run as quickly as you like, where you like, for as long as you like.
Try varying between sprints and jogs, or run up a flight of stairs or an incline. Running on sand is also a great way to exercise, as it is more tasking than running on a flat surface, but also better for your back as the impact is softer.


Despite 71% of the earth’s surface being covered by water, Swimming is not as popular as you would expect. Swimming is a workout for every part of your body, as well as a great way to increase lung capacity through controlled breathing.
Find a local swimming pool that has lanes and start swimming lengths a couple of times a week. Not only will you benefit from the exercise, but swimming can be very therapeutic and you’ll benefit from the alone time.
What’s more, you can now get wireless earphones to make your exercising all the more exciting. These fully submersible, waterproof earphones from Amazon carry an IPX7 waterproof rating and have a wireless range of up to ten meters.


If you feel comfortable in the water but are looking for something a little more extreme, you may be well suited to surfing. Surfing is one of the most majestic instances of humans conquering nature, or at least taming it, and originates from the ancient Hawaiian tradition of ‘he’e nalu’, meaning ‘wave-sliding’.
Get a feel for the sport by practicing your balance out in the water, before challenging waves head-on in search of the perfect ride.
While swimwear is fine for casual surfing in warmer climates, for surfing in the UK you’re going to have to invest in a good wetsuit, as staying warm could be an issue in coastland breezes.
Surf, skate and snow clothes shop Yakwax stocks a selection of men’s wetsuits within different price brackets, so you can equip yourself within the confines of your budget, as well as enjoy free UK delivery.


You don’t have to be good at fighting to benefit from boxing training. You’d be surprised how exhausting that hitting a heavy bag or working punch mitts can be, and you will soon respect those who have the stamina to last 12 three-minute rounds.
If you’re looking to train independently, heavy bags can be purchased for relatively cheap, such as this one from Sports Direct made by popular boxing brand Lonsdale. If you want to be pushed to your limit you should consider joining a club, as this is the only way you will improve your technique and movement.

Gymnastics/Street Workout

If you have been watching YouTube for any considerable amount of time, you have inevitably seen the incredibly ripped guys working out on playground equipment, completing feats like the muscle-up, the handstand pushup, and various types of levers.
Whether you are an advanced fitness buff or a newbie, bodyweight training, particularly gymnastic style will absolutely kick your ass! Not only is it a fantastic workout that will leave you toned and muscular, but it is also an amazing discipline for learning new skills, mastering your own body, and overcoming seemingly impossible tasks.

In Conclusion

As gyms become overcrowded, it won’t be surprising to see more and more people turning to other forms of exercise. The great thing about these activities is that they are enjoyable, and you can get a great deal of satisfaction from improving your technique. The key to exercising is finding something that you enjoy. By choosing a regular activity that keeps your mind occupied, you will no longer have to dread working out.

Sean Russell

Sean Russell

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