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Starting a fashion blog in 4 easy steps:

Get Focused

Choose a name and buy a domain

Select a blog builder

Learn how to speak Google’s Language

Blogs require hard work, talent, and perseverance. But before you even start working out the intricacies of your daily hustle, start by setting up the infrastructure, and making some key decisions. Read on to find out how.

1. Get Focused
Creating a blog without a focus is a sure-fire way to start a fashion blog with a better-than-average chance of failure. All your outfits might be on fleek and your closet brimming with incredible finds, but without focus, your posts might get lost in the shuffle.

Do you live in an exotic locale or a place with unusual climate? Use this as a key component of your blog’s brand. Are you a new mother or new to the workforce college grad? Position yourself with such identifiers when building your blog.

2. Choose a Name and Purchase a Domain
This is quite a doozy. Choosing a name for your blog is like naming a band; too much at stake, creatively challenging, and just downright nerve wrecking. Make sure that you include a nod to your focus when choosing a name, and if possible, go with something you feel is unique.

If you’re lucky to find a great domain name for your blog that ends in .com, well, great! Get it. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to looking at the .com domain names only. These have been around for a very long time, and it can be quite difficult to find a short, relevant, and memorable .com domain.

Why not get a bit creative with the name for your fashion blog? Try using .life, .blog, or .shop for your domain. The new domain will work just like .com would, and are more descriptive. You only need to add your desired blog name on the other side of the dot for an address that ideally speaks for itself. When you’ve found a perfect domain name, snap it up. GoDaddy offers you options for less than $20 annual payments.

3. Select a Blog Builder
The blog building platform you choose will not only impact how your blog feels, looks, and run behind-the-scenes, but also how quickly and easily you can prepare and share your content. For example, Tumblr provides a cachet, but it might be awkward if you want to create a real community. Google’s Blogger is free and easy to use, but doesn’t allow you to customize as easily or dig as deep. Having tried most of the platforms available on the market today, WordPress is the most recommendable of them.

WordPress easily has the greatest number of themes, which lets you give your blog the look that matches your style. The vast array of plugins available on the platform ideally makes it easy for you to customize and expand the functionality of your blog. Plus, WordPress has an intuitive, versatile backend, which makes it easy to manage your content and the various extras that make it outstanding.

4. Learn How to Speak the Google’s Language
When do we get to the freebies and photo shoots? Soon, my friend, I promise. But you first need to learn a few basics of SEO to ensure that Google can see your posts. Here is a good place for SEO tutorials. Else, they might never be indexed, meaning they might never be seen or read. It’s not difficult, don’t worry. It just requires a bit of time to tweak. A wildly popular plugin in WordPress ecosystem, Yoast, can do much of the heavy-lifting stuff for you.

Now let’s go through some advanced tips.

How to Start a Fashion Blog with a True Staying Power
Every day, promising new blogs get published, but even more wither away and die shortly after. Starting your fashion blog will be the easiest part. But how do you start a fashion blog and make it last for a long time? The key is to find how you can keep it relevant, unique, compelling, and fun over the long term. But this can pose a real challenge, especially to a beginner. Here are some of the best practices to give your fashion blog a true staying power.

Keep a Running List of Topics
An outfits-only blog is quite a tough sell in the market –  this is the first thing that anyone who’s starting a fashion blog should know. Hopefully, your fashion blog will have a relatively broad scope that incorporates topics such as shopping tips, trends, various non-outfit topics, as well as general style advice. If it does, you should aim to have a running list of posts and content ideas.

Every time you come across an article that interests you, have a flash of inspiration of catch a wind of a bizarre or fabulous new trend, write it down. There will be many times where you may experience writer’s block, and you will need an ample supply of inspiration.

Set Up an Editorial Calendar and Stick to It
After you’ve come up with a long list of topics, create a regular posting schedule. Ideally, the best way to start a fashion blog and keep it running is to post at least three times a week, preferably on weekdays. Later on, you can ramp up the daily posts whenever you can and want to. In case you want to post on different topics, create a calendar that spans the topics across weeks and months.

For example, you can make Monday your trend day, Wednesday your outfit post day, and Friday as your style advice column.

Be Active on Social Media
It might seem as a no brainer, but it’s so essential that it merits a call out. With fashion blogging, Instagram is absolutely vital, followed by Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

You don’t necessarily have to do them all, you can just pick two or more along with your blog and use gusto to populate your feeds. Aside from sharing content from your fashion blog and linking to it via your social media profiles, make sure that you regularly share content you like or deem relevant from other fashion brands and bloggers. That’s how you start building a following, engage your audience, and get on to the path towards making money with your fashion blog.

Starting a Fashion Blog that Makes Money
In the business, how bloggers make money is the worst kept secret. Yet, a huge number of readers and aspiring bloggers are still baffled by the process. Here’s a quick primer:

1. Build a Media Kit
Once your blog is well established and has a steady flow of traffic, you need to begin an active outreach process. Start by creating a media kit -” a resume for your blog outlining its mission, strength, and stats. Be sure to include a short bio, a description of your blog, blog traffic stats, social media follower stats, sponsored/advertising post rates, as well as contact information. Oh, add three or more gorgeous images of your and your online home!

2. Join an Affiliate Marketing Network
Affiliate links provide an easy way to earn money from your fashion blog. You can start by joining a network such as ShopStyle and RewardStyle (two of the most popular) and start folding relevant affiliate links in your posts every time you recommend a product. Whenever your audience purchases a product or service through one of these links, you’ll earn a commission per sale.

The vender will pay you a percentage, and it will cost your readers nothing when they use these links. Nonetheless, the FTC stipulates that you should divulge whenever you are earning money from users’ actions, or when showcasing various gifts from vendors. For this reason, be sure to craft an air tight disclosure agreement and place it in your blog.

3. Placing Ads on your Posts
Nowadays, ads placement on blogs isn’t a big revenue earner as it used to be before, but it’s still a worthy implementation. Sacrifice some real estate at the top of your web pages and create space along your sidebars to earn some money per every page view.

For fashion bloggers, some of the popular display services include Federated Media, BlogHer, Google AdWords, plus a few others. However, these kinds of networks are becoming harder and harder to find. In case you joined an affiliate network as we discussed (#2) above, you have the option of grabbing ads for some specific products or vendors and placing them manually on your website. However, these will only pay out when you make a sale, not for page views.

4. Go After Brand Partnerships and Sponsored Posts
Sponsored posts are generally post where you’re given a product to create an in-depth review that includes a number of photos. Brand partnerships may involve wearing or mentioning certain products, allowing some companies or businesses to use your images in their ads, appearing at or attending certain events, and more.

However, flowing this route will require you to have at least 6 months of consistent blogging, and a decent following. In simple terms, you can’t start a fashion blog on Monday and then cold-call Chanel on Tuesday asking for a partnership. Once you establish your niche and build a remarkable media kit, you could start going after partnerships or sponsorships. In most cases, PR firms and vendors will reach out, but it’s still fine to pitch to a few brands that you adore.

Got Style and the Gut? You Can Do This!
When anyone asks how they can start a fashion blog, our advice is that it take guts, vision, and creativity to succeed, especially in today’s marketplace. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. You just need to be smart, patient, and to use the guidelines we’ve outlined to make sure your ideas find and reach their audience.


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