This is a post by Marc Summers of about whether or not staring at boobs is an acceptable thing to do. Although it may seem like a silly topic, it is one of man’s greatest dilemmas and every man has probably thought about this question at least 20 times. For more expert dating advice from Marc, check out his site. But first, check out his thoughts on whether it is okay to stare at a womans boobs..

How many times have you been talking to a woman with a great rack and you couldn’t stop looking at her boobs?

I bet you’ve lost count! I know I have.

It’s incredibly difficult to make eye contact with women and pretend we’re listening to what they have to say when their boobs keep staring at us!

And we’ve all seen movies where a guy keeps staring at a woman’s boobs instead of looking at her and she gets upset, calls him a jerk, slaps him, and storms off.

But do women really get mad if we keep staring at her boobs instead of her?

Well it all matters how we handle it…

There’s a HUGE DIFFERENCE between looking at her lovely boobs and staring at them like it’s the first pair we’ve ever met.

Being able to look at her boobs and appreciate them without her thinking we’re a weird pervert is something that requires a little finesse.

Why Do Women Show Off Their Boobs In The First Place?

See the truth is, if women didn’t want us noticing their honkers, they would keep them covered up like they live in Antarctica.

But since many women are proud of their natural (or store bought) boobs and they know they look amazing, THEY WANT US TO NOTICE THEM.

They want us to be like, “Ah, cool, nice boobs” but NOT like, “Holy cow! Damn look at those bazookas!”

If You’re Cool About It, Women Are Cool About It

The reason many women get mad about us looking at their boobs is because we just aren’t cool or smooth about it and we act as if she has the last pair of bikini stuffers we’re ever going to see.

If you act weird about it when your eyes and her boobs make that amazing connection, there’s a good chance she will feel weird, get uncomfortable, or think you’re a pervert or a creep.

BUT, if you play it cool like you see boobs all the time and it’s no big deal, most women aren’t going to mind you admiring their beautiful melons.

staring at boobs

Should You Only Focus On Her Eyes So She Doesn’t Get Mad?

When I meet a woman with a nice pair of fun bags, I usually make her aware that her boobs and I are going to get along just fine.

Within the first minute or two of talking to her, if I think her chest is a real winner or has some major potential, I’ll let her know she’s looking “hooteriffic” or I’ll tell her that her boobs keep staring at me.

Do they get mad and think I’m a pervert?

Not really… They usually laugh about it because I’m being cool and natural about it.

All I do is make a quick comment so that if I “unintentionally” keep looking at her boobs, she knows why and she’s less likely to get pissed.

Also, it communicates to her that I’m a man who is comfortable around boobs, beautiful women, and speaking my mind. (In my ebook Ace Your Dates, you’ll learn that the more comfortable you are around women, the more comfortable they’ll be with you.)

So my answer is you shouldn’t be afraid to let her know that you are aware of her nice boobs and you shouldn’t try so hard NOT to look at her boobs.

If you try too hard to look like the perfect gentleman, it might make you feel really uncomfortable and look like a weirdo.

When It’s Not Cool To Look At Her Boobs

If a woman is trying to talk to you about something serious or she’s not in the mood to have your eyes constantly wandering into her fun zone, then you should probably maintain eye contact with her and be serious.

She might get really upset if she knows you’re listening to her boobs more than you’re listening to her.

In Conclusion…

So YES it’s ok to look women’s boobs, BUT DON’T STARE OR BE WEIRD ABOUT IT. Same goes for her butt.

If a woman knows you’re focused on her, listening to what she’s saying, and you’re not being a creepy pervert, then she’s not going to mind you taking a brief vacation down to cleavage land every once in a while.


  1. im looking at a woman at the beach. her nipple half exposed am i considered the pervert or is she? let the truth be told.


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