If you’re thinking a staple gun means office supplies, get real. These handy little gadgets will revolutionize the way you do D.I.Y in the home. Everything, from gardening to putting up shelves, from fixing a sink to assembling IKEA furniture, becomes way easier with a staple gun.

We have to say gentlemen, if you don’t have a staple gun in your toolbox, you need to get one – stat. These bad boys can really make the difference to an afternoon doing odd jobs in the house running smoothly or finishing the day with knackered arms and feeling annoyed.

Here are 6 ways a staple gun can take the effort out of home improvement:


1) Carpeting



Yes, you can fit a carpet without a staple gun, but the job becomes so much easier with that versatile tool in your kit. Instead of exerting lots of effort to fit a carpet with nails or screws, the staple gun fixes carpet to floor with ease.

If you think a staple gun isn’t only useful for fitting a carpet to the floor – boy you’d be wrong. If you have a specialized need, like a sound booth, and need to fit the carpet to the wall, that works like a dream with a staple gun. If you want to freak your guests out by having carpeted ceilings, you can even fit that with a staple gun!

Even better, unlike screws or nails, staples are much easier to remove from flooring, and cause less damage!



2) Upholstery


Perhaps there has been no other tool that has changed upholstering so much. For centuries, upholstering a chair was a delicate process, which required precise stitching that could take hours – but all that’s over with a handy staple gun.

Now, the fabric must be stitched close to the desire furniture, but just hitched into place with a staple gun. If you’re an upcycling hobbyist or a passionate at-home upholstery, an electric staple gun will take some of the hassle out of big projects – and put the fun back in.



3) D.I.Y


When it comes to odd jobs around the home, you’ll never know when a staple gun is going to come in handy. If you’ve broken a chair leg off a table, a staple gun can help you get it back into place. If you’re having issues fixing the pleats in your curtain, or your curtain stand to the wall, a staple gun is there for you.

A staple gun can help you fix shelves together, and so much more. The versatility of this device – and how well it helps in every D.I.Y project – makes it a homeware essential!



4) Decorations


Staple guns can help for all kinds of various decoration jobs. For example, if you want to fit a wooden frame around the painting, a staple gun will help you attach the joints for a perfect fit.

However, staple guns are also fantastic for birthday parties and other celebrations. If you want to affix a banner securely, a staple gun will make sure that banner isn’t going anywhere! It also works a treat for fixing streamers and balloon strings to fittings in and outside the home – perfect for a magical party.

Because staples from the guns are so easy to remove, you don’t even have to worry about a big clear up!



5) Gardening Projects


A staple gun makes garden projects so much more seamless – and so much more fun. If you’re fitting an arbor to let a perfect vine grow, a staple gun will make sure that each wooden feature is well attached so that the vine can grow with ease.

If you’re making a vegetable bed, a staple gun will help the wood remain secure in a way that makes the task so much easier but is also environmentally friendly. In truth, because of the ease of use of the staple gun, there’s truly no better tool for fiddly garden construction projects.


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