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“On our romantic vacation, me and my sweetheart are going to Paris – the most romantic place in the world”. Don’t you think this choice for traveling for couples is such a cliché? Yeah, we also think so. Of course, Paris and Venice, Taj Mahal in Agra and tropical beaches of The Indian and Atlantic Oceans are remarkable destinations to have a memorable vacation for two. Moreover, sometimes couples just is too lazy to discover the world around. However, life is too short and our planet is too big to spend precious time on banality. There are tons of fantastic and unusual places to visit and now and are going to consider the most incredible of them.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

What do you know about Germany? Except from being wealthy, comfortable for residence, and being peopled with beer lovers, this country is known for one of the most unusual vacation spots, one might even say, fairy. It is Neuschwanstein Castle, located in en extremely picturesque area of Alpine foothills. The castle is built with funds of King Ludwig II in honor of his favorite composer Richard Wagner. Neuschwanstein is surrounded by ancient forests, mountains, and deep blue lakes of divine beauty. Its architecture reminds a castle from fairytale, which also inspired the creators of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. The nearby area is also worth discovering.

Norwegian Fjords

Speaking about unusual places, you must have imagined trip to some cold and severe spot on the map. Well, we could not miss the opportunity to mention Norway and its incredible fjords. In fact, there are also many countries where you can see them, including Canada, Russia, and The USA, but the biggest and the most beautiful are located exactly there. Fjords had appeared millions of years ago after glacial erosion and are narrow bays surrounded by cliffs. The Sognefjord is the biggest and the most attended fjord in Norway. It stretches 205 kilometers inland. Why is it worth visiting by couple? Because this cold, magnificent, and ancient natural wonder reminds us how fluent our lives are and teaches us to appreciate the warm moments.

Kyoto, Japan

Not everyone knows that Tokyo became the capital of Japan only in 1868. Most of the time Kyoto was the place where emperors and the most high-ranking people of Japan had lived. Therefore, this small city preserved the unique atmosphere of genuine Japanese culture. Its ancient recognizable architecture attracts millions of tourists each year. Moreover, Kyoto amazes with its endless gardens and sakura trees. In comparison with other megalopolises, Kyoto stands out for its original historical face, which makes it one of the most unusual places in futuristic Japan and in whole world.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California

Griffith Observatory is the island of calmness and eternity in loud and vicious L. A. This unusual spot attracts with many things, beginning with a fantastic view and ending with its incredible exhibitions. The observatory also became a favorite landmark for filmmakers. Numerous of iconic scenes from Hollywood movies took place there.

Bruges, Belgium

In most cases, unusual places to visit are not so popular and they are not crowded with curious tourists. If you dream about visiting ancient Europe but afraid of loud mobs with cameras, go to Bruges – a small port city in the North of Belgium. With the population of only 118 000 people, this city makes a perfect destination for two. It astonishes with its cute stone houses, gothic cathedrals, narrow streets, and picturesque canals that stretch through the whole town. Thanks to these canals, Bruges refers to the list of the cities called ‘Venice of the North’.


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