Spanish Fly: What’s All the Fuss About?

If there’s one thing the world comes together in, except sex, it’s sex. From the stone age to the age of sleepless nights of the modern generation, the union of mind, nay, the body has been foremost in directing the social life of homo sapiens.

Some say its spiritual, millennials say it’s for fun, but whatever it is, it’s rather advantageous than crying alone in the middle of the night with a tub of ice cream all for yourself. And if you’re doing it, why not ensure it’s satisfactory? Erectile doctor suggest that around 71% of women and 63% of women don’t enjoy sex – you don’t want to be one of them.

The world has agreed that new things were needed for pleasure, and so Oedipus gave mommy issues, while nature gave us Spanish Fly. Don’t have those boring bedroom nights anymore – spice things up the right way, and there is no need to find the right drug again. 

About Spanish Fly

A natural aphrodisiac, the Spanish Fly was traditionally made from a type of green beetles i.e. Lytta vesicatoria, or Blister Beetles, which produced Cantharidin, and were sold in local and traditional apothecaries.

From ancient times to the end of this month, Spanish Fly has been used to add the ‘missing link’ to the ritual that is supposed to open the portal to another dimension but rather brings unwanted feelings for a person you met yesterday. From Hippocrates to the local Ayurvedic doctor in the next alley, the natural aphrodisiac has been suggested by doctors for ages. It remains as popular, perhaps because of how relevant it is, even today.

How do You Take It?

While most of the aphrodisiacs refrain the user from the consumption of alcohol, Spanish Fly products are consumed mainly with a drink, and yes, it can even be a tequila shot. It’s believed that just a few drops are enough to offer the excitement of pressing a 3 Ft bubble wrap together. 

It’s easy to take it too. All you need are five to six drops; enough as normal dosage for normal usage. The more the drops, the more the excitement, however, do contain yourself from waking the demon as the side effects can grow larger with overconsumption. 

The original Spanish Fly was thought to have had side effects of unwanted stature as a result of its untreated and unchecked manufacturing process. Thankfully, you can no longer have to worry about buying any of the older Spanish Fly products, how do you know if the one you buy actually works? With the many Spanish Fly products today, it’s easy to get confused though.

We suggest you to try out the new Spanish Fly Pro, safer and better than other alternatives. It is compliant with Federal Drug Administration of USA, making it as safer as any other aphrodisiacs. The side effects are said to be lesser with much more potency and intensity in the nature of arousal.

The Spanish Fly Pro encourages the sexual appetite of both men and women and is probably the only thing in the world which has remained gender-neutral. While some studies say Spanish Fly works rather miraculously on men, others have revealed that women have noticed a satisfactory experience as well. 

Should You Be Worried About Anything? 

Any other side effects are no more believed to be there. However, a nominal effect has been observed. This includes drowsiness and slight tiredness. Do remember that both of these are the normal consequences of any adventurous episode between the Adams and Eves of this generation.

Alternatives that You Can Take

There are various alternatives to this legendary aphrodisiac, but whether they are effective to the same level is up to personal usage. Most of them are natural and organic, rejecting the addition of extra oomph, but can be still just as effective.

Alcohol – For one, everyone knows the best legal and allowed aphrodisiac available is alcohol. Most of the problems in sexual experience occur because of psychological factors, and what better to make you forget your anxiety than a bottle of wine and a bit of Pink Floyd on the speaker. Nothing even comes close.

Maca Root Powder – You can take that or anything richer in Vitamin D, in fact. The vitamin is known to help you get stronger, and have a healthier sex life.

Chocolate – The best invention of humanity since memes, chocolate is rather useful in encouraging excitement and improving the quality of your sex life. A proven mood lifter, if there’s any food you associate with sex, chocolate stands at the top of the rank. Introduction and consumption of chocolate in your sex life can bring real change to that bland daily drill, pun intended. However, the nature of its consumption, and how you and your partner incorporate it, is completely up to the imagination *wink wink*.

Exercise – Of course, a fact known probably to anyone, good sex brings good exercise, and good exercise brings brilliant sex. Eating a healthy, proper diet and proper work out routine can hugely improve the performance in bed, or wherever. Maybe exercise together, seeing each other all hot and sweaty can act as a good aphrodisiac. However, not recommended for singles.

Mediterranean Seafood – Do you like to eat fishes? Sea Food, especially Mediterranean seafood, is believed to be a good agent. Whether this is a rumor or a placebo, is up for discussion. However, many people do vouch for it.

How do you get the Spanish Fly Pro?

No, you don’t need to go out of your home. All you need is a smart device and an internet connection to have one.

The Spanish Fly Pro is available online. It’s one of the more trusted Spanish Fly products on the market today, improving sexual performance and enhancing climax

Whether you believe in it or not, you will love this experimental one-time agent to spice up the process, which has become so mainstream. 


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