Strive to leave the world a better place than how you found it. Living life with this philosophy ensures each day is more fulfilling than the next and that you make an impression where it counts. Most people think that making a difference in the world requires them to change the world or make investments, but the truth is that it’s what is in your heart that counts. You can make changes without being a part of a bigger force and without ever reaching into your pocket to give money.

What Type of Person Are You?

One of the best ways to give back to the world is by simply being a decent human being. Take every opportunity to better yourself in all areas because you’ll want to do more for others when you’re happy and thriving in life. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to show compassion to another person, to give away a bus ticket that you don’t need, or pay it forward at the local fast food establishment. Be a friend to someone who may need nothing more to know that someone is there for them in the darkest hour. Simply respecting everyone else, their opinions, and their unique qualities is yet another way that you can give back. When you’re a breath of fresh air in a sometimes hateful, cruel world, you certainly make a difference in the life of another person, even when you aren’t told.

Give Back: Alternatives to Cash

There are many ways in which to give back to organizations that support your favorite causes even when you cannot donate money. Can you volunteer your time? Organizations in the local community need people to help operate their facilities and oftentimes depend on volunteer services to keep them afloat. Perhaps time isn’t the best thing that you have to offer. Don’t worry because there are still many ways to help. SmartyPants Vitamins, for example, makes a donation to Vitamin Angels each time a bottle of their vitamins is sold. This 1:1 match helps the community, particularly children, stay strong and healthy. Tom’s Shoes also donates a pair of shoes every time someone buys a pair. These two companies are just a couple of the many that make contributions like these to better the community. You can make small strides to help those around you as well, whether you own a business or not. Local organizations need people from the community to assist them in many ways that don’t involve money.

Help for the Cause

It feels good to help those who so desperately need a helping hand. Of course, a mission to help the homeless is only one of the many contributions you can make to those in need, and it doesn’t have to be just during the holiday time either. No matter what cause is important to you, there are ample ways to help those who are affected in any way.

Clean out the closets! Rather than hold a garage sale or give the items to friends, why not donate them to a local homeless shelter or other organization that benefits the community? The clothing, shoes, purses, electronics, games, and other items may not be important to you any longer but can mean the world to someone else. It feels good to clean the house and even better knowing that your clean-out is helping so many other people.

Final Thoughts

Giving back and doing your part are two things that everyone can and should do every single day. It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of money or time to achieve amazing benefits when you take time to do the small things that matter the most. There are simple, small ways to make a dramatic difference in your life as well as in the lives of those around you. Use these ideas and your creativity and inspiration to work to make a difference starting today. No money necessary!


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