“Wait, I can sleep like a baby at night if I sleep on the right mattress, how can that be?”  Yes, that’s right, sleeping on the right mattress at night plays a large role in determining the amount of quality sleep you get at night.  You get quality sleep at night when most of your 7-8 hours of sleep at night is in the REM (rapid eye movement) mode. You get lots of REM sleep only when you are relaxed and comfortable, and you become relaxed and comfortable when you sleep on a large enough mattress which is soft and can make you relaxed and comfortable easily and quickly.  More on this is explained below.

What type of a mattress should you choose to sleep on?

You will be most relaxed and feel most comfortable at night if you sleep on the best natural mattress.  You may be confused as to what this is, so an explanation follows.  This type of mattress is made out of completely organic materials which breathe easily, and which are made out of natural materials like wool and cotton.  This type of mattress is also made out of certified materials (because organic materials are certified). These include GOLS-certified Dunlop latex. This material has bounce to it and this allows the sleeper to comfortably rest his or her back, stomach, and sides on the mattress.

The color scheme of your room is key to you sleeping well

Yes that’s right, the colors you include in your room is crucial in determining if you will sleep well at night.  This is especially true of rugs since your mattress will rest on the floor. If you have a comfortable rug on the floor, you will be more comfortable and relaxed at night and will get a good night’s sleep as a result.  You want to choose a neutral color area rugs product because neutral colors are pleasing to the eye.  This relaxes your brain and makes it feel more comfortable.  You have an easier time falling into deep REM sleep because a relaxed and comfortable brain falls into deep sleep easier and faster, especially at night!

You want to have extra accessories on your bed

The accessories you have on your bed, usually bedspreads and bed sheets, plays a huge role in determining how relaxed and comfortable you will be when you do go to bed at night.  In this case, the accessory you want to choose for the mattress on your bed is a memory foam bean bag filler because memory foam ‘remembers’ the shape and contours of your body.  It allows your body to rest comfortably on the filling in the bean bag, and hence in the bean bag itself.  You have an easier time falling asleep faster if you sleep on this kind of an accessory especially late at night.

Now even you can sleep like a baby

Now that you know that the type of mattress you sleep on, the colors and items in your room, and the accessories you have on your bed’s mattress all play key roles in determining how well you end up sleeping at night, you can make the right investments in the things which you know are essential for a good night’s sleep!


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