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The modern day fad for standing desks is something that exists because of new research, which has shown the detrimental effects of the modern sedentary lifestyles. Standing desks are a good way to get exercise when there is no time for more usual forms of exercise, and it is encouraged by many offices because standing has health benefits which are beneficial to the everyday workings of the office.

However, we don’t know everything about standing desks, and whether or not there will be any detrimental effects on people who use them – the jury is still out. Standing desks do have their uses, but people should keep in mind that there are always downsides to whatever activities they choose – even drinking too much water can have bad effects on people, and what is healthier than plain water?



DIY standing desks are very good for your overall health, according to recent research. It is useful for blood circulation, for lowing blood pressure and cholesterol, and for staving off a variety of cardiac disorders which can come about through lack of motion. Being on your feet burns more calories than sitting down does, so using a standing desk can help you to keep your weight down as well.

Unfortunately, while standing desks confer all these benefits, it also has downsides. Being on your feet all day means that your joints don’t get a break all day, and have to take your weight, and endure your movements, without any rest.

Your joints are not made for constant movement and strain – sitting down at a desk may be detrimental to your overall health if you don’t make an effort to exercise, but standing can have bad effects too. Joint pain can easily become chronic, especially if your posture is bad – joints are also unlike muscles in that they are not infinitely repairable. Once you have injured a joint, it is done for life, with no excuses.



There has been research to suggest that standing and using a standing desk helps to improve your mood, but this has not been borne out. Yes, standing has been shown to improve blood circulation, and if the overall health benefits are true, then possibly that might lead to a major mood shift upwards, but it is by no means set in stone.

There are plenty of ways that using a standing desk, or having a standing desk policy, could be detrimental to somebody’s mood, including being unused to them. When you are not used to using standing desks, they can be quite painful on the feet, which is not something that would contribute to a good mood if you needed to do it all.

Similarly, standing desks need to be calibrated quite finely, otherwise people will find that their wrists and hands begin to get sore. If a standing desk isn’t at exactly the right height, then the angle of the computers can cause problems.

On another note, imagine that you are working in an office, which has a standing desk policy, and you (for whatever reason) can’t stand at one. Being singled out in such a manner, by being the only person, or one of the only people, in the office using a normal desk, is not going to help your mood or morale.

This isn’t so much about the claim that standing all day will help your mood, but more about the assumptions that it conveys, and they ways in which it can single people out who don’t want to have any extra attention on them for any reason.



The best course of action with desks is to give people the option of one or the other. Using a smart automation system at the office is a very easy way to do this, since automation is now so easily acquired and installed that desks are simple to install. Having the ability to choose between sitting and standing at desks encourages people to try the standing desks, and see if they like it or feel any benefit from it. At the same time, there is no inherent pressure put on people who either can’t or won’t use the desks. Being able to switch allows people a free choice depending on they feel that day, and it is something which in itself might boost morale within the company, as it allows for people to choose what they feel like. Control is very important for making people feel like they can handle their own lives, and while it may seem to be a simple thing, every little counts. This article has only covered a small number of arguments concerning standing desks and sitting desks and the health of both, but hopefully the information that was shared will encourage people to look further into the matter for themselves, and make their own decisions – this will lead to an overall healthier workplace.


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