While both sex and sleep are associated with bedroom, there are other things that unite these pleasurable activities.

You see, sleep and sex are correlated, which means they can influence each other.

Want to know how exactly?

Let’s find out!

How Sex Affects Your Sleep

Having sex before bed is a customary ritual for many couples. And while the majority of them stick to this routine simply because they enjoy it, it is interesting how beneficial having sex before sleep can be. Let’s look at a couple of examples:

  • Sex lowers the stress levels. We all know how stress affects our sleep quality. We might have troubles falling asleep, shifted circadian rhythms, problems staying asleep all through the night, or difficulties waking up in the morning. Because sex is able to lower our stress levels, it also helps us sleep better.
  • Because sex counts as an exercise (let’s admit it, it can really be energy-consuming), you are definitely going to feel tired afterward. And tired people fall asleep faster. They also tend to sleep more soundly during the night, which results in a more restful and restorative sleep.
  • Sex is great to manage your anxiety. The stress of our daily life can make us anxious. Those all-consuming, overwhelming thoughts that are racing through your mind have the power to alter your mood and control your sleep regime. Thankfully, having sex before bed works as a relaxant. It’s a great anti-anxiety treatment that can ease your mind and prepare it for sleep.
  • If you are suffering from any kind of pain that prevents you from falling asleep, sex can help with that too. You see, during sex our brain releases endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. Of course, each individual case is different, and sex might not make the pain go away completely. However, it has the power to at least ease the symptoms.

Well, the list of potential benefits can go on, but you get the picture. Not only does sex allow you to connect with and be closer to your partner, but it also helps you sleep better. It’s a win-win!

Also, there is a good article about the benefits of having sex before sleep from Happysleepyhead.com. Check it out if you want more detailed information.

“Having sex before bed is one of many ways to improve your sleep. What you should keep in mind is that, because healthy sleep is so important, it is better to combine sex with other helpful tricks. Establishing a healthy, consistent sleep hygiene will be beneficial for your sleep, health, and, of course, love life.”

It’s All About the Hormones

Now that you know about the benefits sex can offer you, you might be curious how the magic actually works. The thing is, our brain releases different hormones during orgasm. And those hormones are a secret behind your healthy sleep. Here are a few examples of how everything works:

  • Decreased levels of cortisol. Cortisol is closely related to stress levels, which means we feel more relaxed and calmer after sex. Consequently, this helps us sleep better.
  • Increased production of oxytocin. Being oftentimes called a “love hormone”, oxytocin makes us feel connected to our partner. Additionally, this hormone acts as an endorphin and positively influences the sleep quality too.
  • Boosted estrogen levels in women. Estrogen makes sleep more restorative thanks to its ability to enhance the REM phase of sleep.
  • Prolactin release. This hormone makes both men and women feel relaxed and even drowsy, which, again, helps them fall asleep faster and enjoy more hours of a restful sleep.

“While sex can help you make your sleep better, sleep can actually ruin your love life. Well, insufficient sleep, to be more exact. Sleep deprivation results in low energy levels and the feeling of fatigue, each of which is not a positive contributing factor to sex. It gets worse: insufficient sleep can even lead to sexual disorders.”

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How Your Sleep Affects Sex

So, you already know that sex and sleep are correlated. While sex can alter your sleep, the latter can actually either save or ruin the former. How? Here are a couple of examples:

  • Sleep deprivation results in low energy levels. When you don’t have enough energy to function normally, the last thing you want to do is have sex.
  • Lack of sleep makes you less focused. As a result, you may be inattentive to your partner and their desires. And that’s when your relationship may be affected.

“Long-term sleep deprivation can increase your chances of developing some serious health issues. For instance, sleep-deprived patients oftentimes suffer from neurological disorders, cancer, mental disorders, cardiovascular disease, etc.”

  • Insufficient sleep may decrease the sex drive in men. It is scientifically proven that sleep-deprived men oftentimes have troubles with their sex drive and even potency.
  • Just like that, women are less aroused when they are sleep deprived. A healthy sleep means healthy sexual desires. When you don’t get enough rest, your body doesn’t respond that well to sexual stimuli and expresses poorer arousal signs.
  • Getting insufficient sleep increases your stress levels. Many people become more irritable or fatigue when being sleep deprived. And obviously, no one wants to have sex when feeling this way.

“Not getting enough sleep can lead to depression and anxiety. And these conditions are definitely far from perfect when it comes to sex. Moreover, they can interfere with your daily life and ruin your relationships with other people, not just your partner.”


It is clear now that spending some quality time with your loved one under the covers (wink-wink) can improve both your relationship and your sleep. So, the next time you’re lying sleepless in bed, don’t waste your time and use this opportunity to enjoy yourself and your partner.


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