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Hey guys!

This is my story of how I went from being totally useless with girls to becoming a Social Heartist.

In this video I will teach you the basics of THE NEW PARADIGM that changes the entire pick up industry, and flips it on its head…

Now those are pretty bold statements, but I want you to suspend your judgement for a second and watch that video now!


+ Learn the basic philosophies behind the new paradigm from which you can meet women

+ Understand the difference between pick up and seduction

+ Level up your skills with women!

My name’s John Cooper and I am infiltrating the Pickup community and subverting it into a platform for spiritual & masculine development called SOCIAL HEARTISTRY. I’m here to liberate men worldwide from the existing Pick up artist scam and its manipulative fear-based protocol. Migrating men from a place of separation & control of women, to heart-centred actions that deepens connections with them. I’m here to develop men from the core, so we become autonomous men that attract. No snake-oil, routines, or lines, just full expression navigated by the heart…

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Learn How To Attract High-Level Women With a FREE Webinar

I’m just going to tell you one thing about our UNIQUE webinar We’re not really into the seduction and pick-up type of stuff.

We believe in attracting women naturally by becoming a valuable man who doesn’t have to lie to women in order to attract them.

Attracting women is a matter of mentality, knowledge and experience. We’ve included everything you’ll need to know in this course in order to achieve all three of these.

Most courses feature men who are sleeping with average looking women at best, they think they’re doing well and living that player lifestyle, but take it from someone who’s lived that life, they have no idea.

I’ve been single and sexless, I’ve also been at a point where I was fed up with women because it became so regular. Let me teach you what I learned along the way.

If you want to attract the most beautiful women and are fed up with having to settle for the girl that nobody else wants, then click below.


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