being more productive

Being more productive is 100% a skill.

It’s a skill that can be learned and developed as easy as you learned to ride your first bike.

The thing is, no one ever teaches you how to be more productive. Not even in school. You’re too busy learning stuff you will never use again to learn a useful life tool like productivity.

But lucky for you, school is back in session. And in the school of being a better man, if you want to excel, you need to learn how to be as productive as possible.

Like learning to crawl before you walk, you must learn how to properly consume your work before your work consumes you.

With that, here are 10 Industry Secrets for Being 300% More Productive.

being more productive with to do lists

Hands down, the most obvious, simple & smart tool when it comes to being more productive is the To-Do list. Yet there’s so many people who don’t use them.

Structure complements productivity.  To-Do lists add structure to your day.

Take 10 minutes at the start of each day to create a detailed To-Do list. (You will get this 10 minutes back and more.)

a) To-Do lists help you feel less overwhelmed

b) They let you look at your work in an objective, outer, point of view, instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything going on

c) Crossing something off the list feels amazing. “Done. What’s next?”

The best way to go about this is to use an online To-Do list. And the best one out there is Wunderlist. It’s clean and you can access the same list on your phone, iPad or PC.

Tip: Put something easy on the top of your To-Do list. Even if it’s something like tidying up, having something quick to cross off the list will help you build flow and momentum. 

do one thing at a time to be more productive

This stems from the first point and is essential.

I was very guilty of this a while ago, hoping back and forth between 3 tasks. After a couple hours, my eyes would burn and my brain was frazzled. It’s terrible for your mind.

You have a To-Do list, so stick to one task and don’t change until it’s crossed off the list or you have reached a stopping point.

This will actually be hard for many people. It was for me. In this ADD ridden world, the average attention span is about 10 seconds. So when you have 5 things on your mind it’s so easy to get bored and want to jump to something else.

This is very un-productive. Train your mind and stay focused on your one task. If you get that bored with it, cross it off your list and start a new task, but you are done with that one for the day. Pick it back up tomorrow.

increase productivity by slowing down

Slow dowwwwn. It’s all going to get done eventually.

This attitude will save you so much stress.

I always have about 50 ideas I want to implement, and it’s easy to want to go out and get them all finished in rapid succession. It doesn’t work like this.

I have come to terms with the fact that many of my ideas won’t be implemented for a year. Everything has its time, there’s no need to rush, and it’s all going to get done.

being more productive with rescuetime

RescueTime is a web-based time-management tool that allows you to easily understand how you spend your time, ultimately allowing you to be more productive.

Basically, RescueTime is made to “rescue your time.” It installs to your PC, and at the end of each week, it gives you a detailed chart of where you are spending your time. If your section for porn and game sites is higher than your company blog or website, then you have some fixing to do.

After RescueTime is done tracking, you can set it to block distracting websites during whatever time periods you want, especially when you should be working.

Tim Ferris recommends you use RescueTime to block off all social media sites and email for 90-120 minutes first thing in the morning. Focus on your most important one or two to-dos & get the ball rolling.

being more productive by resetting

Resetting is a term that I use. I don’t know if this exists in the world as “a thing,” but it is something I naturally picked up during 12-15 hour work days when my brain sizzled like an overloaded CPU.

Resetting means simply stopping after completing a task, centering & slowing your mind down before jumping to the next task. (Aka resetting)

Imagine you have a To-Do list of 10 tasks for the day. You’re doing one thing at a time, which is great, but you’re jumping from one thing to the next at the speed of light. I found that I would often start to feel frazzled as one task merged into another.

By “resetting,” I finish a task, cross it off the list and then simply relax for a few minutes. If I could, I would get up, stretch or have a cup of tea. I might even close my eyes and just breathe deeply for 3 minutes until my mind is clear of the task I just finished and I am ready to think about another one.

Just take a break and reset.

It keeps you thinking clear & feeling good. Being clear means sharper work, less frustration & more productivity.

being more productive with evernote

Evernote’s tagline is “remember everything,” and for good reason.

Evernote is a free online organizer that allows you to create to-do lists, upload important pictures, create notes, tag web pages & organize every aspect of your life into its own section.

Best part is, you can access it anywhere; so you don’t have to carry a notebook around, leaving sloppy notes or be screwed if you forget it.

Evernote is free to use. Just go to, sign up and start being more productive.

Bonus: How Tim Ferris used Evernote to write The Four Hour Body.

being more productive with virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are the single biggest productivity resource available to you.

But there is some good news and some bad news.

Bad news: Virtual assistants require money

Good news: They do not require much

Outsource for a virtual assistant from the Philippines using The American dollar is extremely powerful in the Philippines. You can get a full time virtual assistant, he will work for you and only you for 40 hours a week, for $500 a month. Part time (20 hour a week), $250.

Relate this to a full time assistant in the US, who would cost you around $2,400.00+!

These VA’s are highly capable and have been doing this for years. They can do anything from taking all your emails, setting up websites and even arguing with your wife. (Chris Ducker has actually done this.)

So if you truly want to triple your output, triple yourself through virtual assistants.

Tip: Do not feel like you are underpaying your virtual assistant. This kind of salary will allow them to move into a better neighborhood and support their family. Plus, too much $$ will make them a target.

being more productive by using taskrabbit

TaskRabbit is cool. And it’s a less intense alternative to having a VA.

It’s a website where you sign up and post your To-Do list, list a price for each task, and let people earn money by completing your tasks for you.

– Picking up something

– Grocery shopping

– Use your imagination…

Tim Ferris uses TaskRabbit and he claims it saves up to 10 hours a week. That’s time he spends kickboxing, dancing & doing the things he loves.

Yes, you need money to pay people when using TaskRabbit (Unless you want to be the one paid for doing tasks). But at the end of the day, dishing out a little money for some extra time to grow your business is priceless.

being more productive with 80 20 evaluations

This became big from Tim Ferris’s book, The Four Hour Work Week. But in reality, the 80/20 principle has been around for a long time. For a better definition and to read more about it, click here.

To be most productive, you need to do an analysis and figure out what 20% of your efforts are bringing you 80% of your results. Then, you need to focus on this 20%, and drop or outsource the other 80.

Ex: If you run a blog, and 80% of your traffic comes from Twitter and 20% from the rest of social media, you need to focus your time primarily on your twitter campaigns, yielding maximum results.

This can be applied almost anywhere.

So step back, do your analysis, and act.

being more productive with a good morning routine

This is last because it is the most important.

When you have a good daily or morning routine, you eat great, you are exercising regularly & you’re getting enough sleep, things just fall into place.

Richard Branson has said numerous times, the number #1 tip he has for being more productive is to work out.

So if you don’t want to listen to me, listen to Richard Branson.

being more productive

Bringing it all together

Utilizing these 10 techniques and services can easily help you become 300% more productive. It already has for hundreds of successful entrepreneurs.

So if you want to keep up, and reach the next level, you need to do the same. The competition is fierce out there, and technology is becoming a necessity. It’s really adapt or die.

So ask yourself.

Are you going to let work control you, or are you going to control your work?


1) Funders & Founders – 32 ways to be more productive

2) Wunderlist

3) RescueTime


5) Virtual Staff Finder – Find a VA

6) TaskRabbit

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