8 Personal Safety Tips for Men

It is much more likely for a man to get into a fight or be mugged than a woman. In fact, men are twice as likely to be the victim of violence than women. Most men don’t pay a lot of attention to whether they are safe or not. They usually believe that it won’t happen to them, or their masculine bravado makes them believe they are too strong to be attacked. Only a small proportion of the male population take precautions to protect themselves.

Although men and women are both at risk of being attacked, there are a large number of possible risks faced by men, especially when they are out alone at night. Men need to make sure that they are aware of these possible risks and know how to stay away from them if they can. Below are some tips to keep you safe:


Know the Risks


Before stepping outside your door, you need to know about the potential risks you might face. Lots of men believe that violence and muggings only happen to women, but this isn’t the case. Men are much more likely to be attacked than women. Knowing and acknowledging the potential risks is the starting point of making sure you stay safe. If you need money for your night out, then it is advisable to withdraw it beforehand. If this cannot be done, then you should try and avoid using cash machines that are isolated or unlit. People who use cash machines in areas like these are much more likely to be mugged or attacked. 


Stay Alert


Risks can be significantly reduced if you make sure that you stay alert. Make sure you pay attention to what is going on around you. If possible, you should try not to walk around with your headphones in or on your cell phone, as this might stop you from hearing potential threats. Keep a lookout for people who are in groups or are drunk too.


Keep Out of Trouble


If you do spot trouble up ahead of you, then if possible, change your route and avoid it. If you see a threatening group in front of you, don’t choose to keep walking towards them. In many cases, avoiding risks can help keep you safe. 


Realize that Drinking Can Alter Behavior


This can be the case for both you and others. Many people act differently once they’ve had a drink. A lot of people find that they’re more confident once they’ve consumed alcohol. This confidence can look like aggression to others, so it’s important to realize how you’re coming across. You also need to remember that other people can become violent once they’ve had a bit to drink. Avoiding drunk people can take away some of the risks and keep you safe. 


Try Not to Show Off Your Gadgets


You might not need this pointing out as it’s usually obvious. Showing off your gadgets can make you a target for thieves. Make sure you keep anything special to you out of sight. This can severely reduce the chances of you being mugged. Thieves often choose people that they believe have money or expensive gadgets on them, so advertising this isn’t a great idea. 


Plan a Route Before Setting Off


Make sure you know which route you are going to take to get to your destination, and how you are going to travel there. If you can, devise a route that allows you to stay in well-lit, busy areas. Try and stay away from dark streets, or areas where there’s nowhere to run and hide. If you are spending an evening out drinking, then it’s always a good idea to have a plan in place for how you’re going to get home. As we’ve mentioned above, your behavior may alter once you’ve had a drink. This means you might be more likely to put yourself at risk, e.g. by walking down dark streets that you would normally avoid. However, if you’ve got a plan in place for how you’re going to get home, you will likely stick to it. It’s a brilliant idea to think about booking a taxi in advance. Not only will this give you a set time for when you are going home, but it will also ensure that you’re not left waiting outside a nightclub for a taxi to become available.


Consider Personal Safety Equipment


To give you a bit more peace of mind, then you should think about purchasing some personal safety equipment. Whether you choose to buy body armor that will help protect you from attackers, or a personal alarm is up to you. Again, we should re-iterate that these items aren’t just for women. Due to the increase in crime and violence around the country, many men are now choosing to protect themselves in this way. These items could even save your life! 


Stay Calm


Finally, if you’re stuck in an aggressive situation, then it’s a good idea to try and stay as calm as possible. Before using any form of physical defense, you are advised to try and talk your way out of the situation. Just because you walk away from violence, it does not mean you are weak. When a person is being aggressive towards you, it is also advisable to try and avoid standing in an aggressive stance. Crossing or raising your arms or having your hands on your hips can all be seen by another person as confrontational and challenging. Also, try not to touch the other person unless it’s necessary and avoid looking them up and down. 

Lots of men believe that if they think about their own safety, they are being wimpy or un-masculine, but this isn’t the case. It’s important to think about any potential risks you might face and know how to deal with them if they do occur. By understanding these risks, and trying to avoid them, you can make sure you stay safe and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself a lot more. 

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