Running A Background Check On Your Future Spouse

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In today’s complicated world, there are times that we must admit that some people simply are not who they say they are. A common cause of break-ups and conflict in relationships and families is deceit. When people choose to keep the truth from the ones they love, often acting to protect them, it can have side effects further down the road. 
As can be seen from years of marriage divorce records, the major causes of separation after matrimony include infidelity, money issues, communication problems, and differing expectations. That is why an ever-increasing number of people are beginning to feel more comfortable running a background check on their future spouse before getting in too deep.
What Can You Learn from a Background Check?
Background checks are used for several reasons for different people. This includes looking into the history of a prospective employee or investment opportunity, checking out the progression of a business, or investigating the past of a love interest. The latter may seem invasive at times. However, there are enough examples out there of people who have been left totally perplexed and ruined by a spouse’s private actions, that it is worth considering.
Background checks work by examining the following aspects of a person’s life:

  •     Family history: The check studies the type of childhood had and whether there are any issues with alcoholism, addiction, mental illness, or abuse in the family. Also, if there are any unresolved issues, and if there are any legal problems to know about.
  •     Work history: Find out if your partner is a responsible person who honors their commitments. As well as, if they have had any major conflicts in their professional life, how they handle stress, and whether they are financially stable.
  •     Finances: In addition to their career, it is beneficial to know if a partner has any debts they have not been forthcoming about. Also, if they have any loans or credit cards outstanding, the state of their tax returns, and what type of spender they are.
  •     Legal issues: Also, the check will turn up any run-ins with the law or previous convictions.

With this information on hand, you can make a much more informed decision about spending the rest of your life with this person.
How To Run a Background Check
Privately, you can check various areas of a person’s background through different resources online. These resources include the National Sex Offender registry, social media sites, Google, credit reports, and more. However, it can be long and tiresome to collate all the information necessary to get a good picture of the overall situation.
You cannot personally run a full background check. This is something that should be done by professionals in order to pass through the correct channels when dealing with sensitive information. Moreover, professions can make sure it is a thorough examination of a person’s background. 
It is advisable to contact a private investigator or company who specialize in this sector. They will be well-versed in using the relevant resources to get the right information. Before requesting a background check from just any company offering the service, make sure that they are trustworthy. Check out reviews and their online presence to ensure it is a credible source.
Peace of Mind for your Future
Can you imagine yourself spending a lazy afternoon on a Sunday in front of the TV when you hear the doorbell go and get up to answer it, only to find IRS agents, police officers, or repo men waiting to destroy your life as you know it? All this due to something your spouse has done without telling you or perhaps from before you even met. 
Some major causes for divorce include mismanagement of money and lies about family history. Therefore, one surefire way to save yourself from unforeseeable trouble is to check up on your future spouse’s background. This way, you make sure you are marrying exactly who you think and what they’re not hiding any major secrets or skeletons in their past that could affect your future.

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