When it comes to the Christian faith, God has provided us with many guidelines on how the relationship of a married couple should be with each other. Yet with so much confusion regarding fashion, communication and gestures, you do not know when you may be crossing the boundaries of being a good person of faith. Some women like to be sexy and attractive, which means they like clothing that shows off their body too much. While others may completely refrain from trying to look good in order to not divert any attention to themselves.

Both sides are going to the extreme of a very simple thing. One should always take the path that is the most suitable to God. Furthermore, there is a lot of speculation regarding how flirtatious, and enticing you as a wife should be towards her husband. There could be a line that women and men may be crossing while flirting with each other, or on the opposite end, being very hesitant to even show love to their spouse due to being over cautious.

This section has been particularly clarified in the Bible when it talks about Solomon and his wife. There are several verses that state how Solomon used to praise his wife on the days she dressed well and looked good. No limitations have been made in this scenario and a husband may compliment his wife whichever way he seems fit. In the case of you, as a woman being the one to initiate a romance in the bedroom, there are also no guidelines that ask women to hold back their best. You may compliment their man as much as they like and have the liberty to demand physical intimacy when they see fit.

In the case of dressing provocatively, our faith usually tells us the ways to dress when you are single. However, there are also certain limitations that women need. You should never be ashamed to reveal your entire body to your husband in the privacy of your bedroom. You may sleep naked with him, or you can sleep fully clothed.  You may also dress in clothing that is enticing for your husband that highlights your body and acts like a seductive drug for your man. Yet, when you go outside, you need to be careful of what you are doing and how you are dressing.

One should always dress carefully and modestly in the outside world. This is because your true beauty should only be for your husband. It may be so that you grew up getting attention for your beautiful physique or features, but that does not mean that you have to show off a lot of skin now. Re If your husband encourages you to dress in a very revealing manner when you go outside with him, let him know that this is something you are not comfortable with. You must not dress as to draw the gaze of different men towards you.

When it comes to showing affection in public, you kiss, hug, touch or be close to your wife as much as possible. However, it must be noted that physical acts such as sex belong in the bedroom. There are no limitations of position, time and the level of intimacy described in our scripture specifically. This only means that couples are free to do what they deem fit in the bedroom. But you must also remember that it is not a spectacle to be watched or a group activity where you or your husband involve someone else in your private bedroom sessions. This is the reason why sex in public places should be avoided and be kept only behind closed doors.

There is no harm in enjoying a lovely time with your husband where you two are very close with each other. However, the aforementioned things must be kept in mind so that not only you please your husband but also do not displease your God.


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