You probably don’t realize how lame your wallet is.

I mean, think about it: when was the last time you had a fat leather pouch sitting in your back pocket and thought to yourself “I’m glad that’s there” or “that’s comfortable”.  

I’ll tell you when: never.

They’re bloated and large and old and wreak of 80’s wall street bimbos. It’s incredible that we spend the thousands of hours in our lifetime sitting on top of something that’s so ergonomically unsound. Back pocket wallets are proven to cause back pain. They misalign our hips. They’re the worst.

I know what you’re thinking. They’re useful. And granted, you need something to keep your cash from being balled up with the lint in your pockets, but most of us just end up filling our wallets with useless shit. Business cards, hotel room keys, receipts—wallets are a mobile leather trash bin for the large majority.

And if you’re as broke as I am, I’m sure your cash to trash ratio is embarrassingly low. Don’t worry, I get it. But let me tell you, friends, that ends today.

At least it ended for me when I bit the bullet and bought a new wallet: The Ridge.

The biggest regret I had about The Ridge was that I didn’t get it sooner. I’d been eyeing one for awhile, but hesitant to pull the trigger—buying a lifetime guaranteed wallet seemed like a big commitment.

Little did I know, I was being a total chump. Don’t do what I did. Jump on the freakin’ bandwagon and get yourself a front pocket wallet.

They’re the perfect size



Remember all that trash that I was talking about? The stuff lining the leather billfolds of men all over the world? The Ridge doesn’t stand for that.

The slim metal wallet expands to hold, at max, 12 cards. If you think you need more than 3 credit cards, 2 debit cards, a license, a state ID, your med card, and 3 half used Starbucks gift cards—you’re wrong.

I found that I only need 4 cards on a daily basis. And the cash I carry tucks into the money clip that hangs on the outside (can also come with a band, if you’re more of an elastic guy).

Everything else I normally carry? Didn’t need. What I didn’t throw out stays in a jar on my desk. The Ridge marketing says something like “carry less and have what you need” and it’s 100% the case—and it all fits comfortably in my front pocket.

It’s durable

The Ridge is a sturdy little dude. I mean it’s aluminum metal—the same material they make airplanes out of.

If I’m trusting an aluminum machine to carry me thirty thousand feet above the ground, I’m going to trust this wallet to carry my stuff. Simple as that.

And it only weighs in at 2 ozs. Sturdy and light and lifetime guaranteed. This thing isn’t going anywhere.

It’s sexy as hell

If the minimalism weren’t enough, it’s just a damn good looking wallet.

I got the black aluminum with the money clip and I constantly get compliments. I feel like batman pulling it out of my pocket—or Bruce Wayne, rather. James Bond, even. It’s a black BMW 3 series to the old Honda you drove in High School.

Anyway, it makes me feel like a stud and I can now scoff at the plebeians lugging their trifold wallets around everywhere (that was aggressive, I don’t completely mean it.) But this wallet stands above the rest.

I can’t find any downsides

I’d love to have some bit of criticism for The Ridge Wallet team. I really do. I want to say “I really enjoy your product, but I wish it [insert cool improvement I recommend]”

But I can’t.

If it’s one thing these guys do it’s make damn good wallets. All around solid and affordable—mine was like 50 bucks! This thing is going to last forever.

So I’d say just do it. Dump your wallet, ditch the bulk, buy The Ridge. Bing, bang, boom.

You’ll feel better for it.


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