Approved Self Improvement Resources

Menprovement is the #1 self improvement resource on the web, and it’s because of all the incredible stuff out there that we can refer to you. We have a lot of free information, but all the websites, books, podcasts, products and supplements listed below are approved by us and work. Sometime it takes a program or a little boost to create change.

Web Resources:

We’re good. But there are a lot of goal specific site that can help you more than us. Along with hat there are books, free eBooks, podcasts and more than can help you build the life you want. Imagine sitting outside by the pool with a drink with an umbrella in it. These can help get you there.

1) Helpful Self Improvement Websites

2) Self Improvement Books For Men

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5) Online Clothing Discount Codes (Coming Soon)

Improve Your Speaking Voice:

The Perfect Voice – A program by world renowned speaking coach Rodger Love. This program helped improve my voice with minimal effort.

Become More Disciplined:

30 Days of Discipline – One of the most talked about programs on the web, because it works. It will turn you lazy guys into winners.

Boost Testosterone:

Increase Testosterone – Our in-house ultimate guide to boosting testosterone naturally.

Tongkat Ali Extract – Natures most potent sexual and hormonal enhancer. Tongkat ali is one of the most studied herbs that is proven to boost your testosterone. (Read about it here)


Holosync – Holosync was designed to help you meditate like a buddhist monk in an eighth of the time. It uses audio technology to promote the proper brainwaves to get you into a meditative trance 8X faster. Perfect for anyone who has trouble citing their mind but wants to see the benefit. Plus there is a year long money back guarantee.

Porn Addiction:

Reddit NoFap – NoFap is a community on reddit for guys who are all addicted to porn and help each other learn as they overcome the urges and abstain from pornography. It’s hard to do alone, and this community is awesome.

Get Disciplined:

30 Days of Discipline – Created by motivational blogger Victor Pride, this is one of the best 30 day bootcamps for getting your ass in gear and on the track to greatness.

Beating Anxiety:

Dr. Gupta’s Amygdala Retraining Program – Before founding I struggled heavily with an anxiety disorder. I couldn’t even leave the house at one point. It is what motivated & still motivates me to improve myself and get the absolute most of my life. I don;t think I could have cured my anxiety disorder without this program. It’s the only one I know that actually works to RETRAIN your amygdala (the anxiety and fear control center in your brain).

Curing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

Dr. Gupta’s Amygdala Retraining Program – This program was created to literally cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which many say is incurable, and it works! This program is amazing and I believe in it so much. There’s no way you can be the best you can be if you are struggling with CFS. I have been through chronic fatigue, and this got me out of it.

Wedding And Engagement Ring Consulting

As you can imagine, picking an engagement ring for your special lady is an intimidating and difficult thing to do. But fear no more! is a wedding and engagement ring consultant service run by two amazing women, Lia Wilson and Danielle Mainas. Lia & Danielle are diamond experts and professional engagement ring consultants. They founded Little Bird – Diamond & Engagement Ring Expertise to coach men through diamond shopping and engagement ring selection, which for guys can be a scary process. It makes a huge difference for people to have an unbiased expert in their corner, who can provide a little straight talk and clarity, help them avoid the usual pitfalls, spot industry hype, and filter the vast amount of diamond science down to the most relevant info and helpful tips. They are now our in-house partners. Check Lia out on The Menprovement Podcast here.