It’s one of those rooms that can instantly add value to a home, but at the same time renovating your kitchen is by no means a cheap affair. On the contrary, it’s costly – and this is exactly the reason why a lot of homeowners are completely put off by the practice.

Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to be like this. Sure, if you’re looking for a brand new kitchen, you might have to spend tens of thousands. However, if you’re instead looking to inject a bit of freshness into the room, there are cheaper alternatives which we will now look through over the course of today’s post.

Appliances can make all the difference

In the grand scheme of things, a kitchen, oven or other appliance is quite a small element of the home. However, if you happen to have a built-in device that really has become the centrepiece of your room, you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

In other words, get your Electrolux appliance repaired by a professional if it’s not working as expected. While you might bemoan the initial cost, when it comes to selling the home the difference these appliances make is beyond the surprising.

You don’t need completely new cabinets

Another major component in your kitchen is the cabinets. The simple solution is to of course completely replace them, but this also happens to be very expensive.

A much cheaper option, yet one that can still transform a room, is to paint them. That’s right, giving them a new shade can completely change the room – and it won’t cost the earth either. Alternatively, if you can find cupboard doors which are the same size, just replacing the doors can work wonders as well.

The power of effective storage

If you have lived in your home for a number of years, there’s every chance that you will be blighted by clutter. Over time we hoard umpteen objects – and the kitchen surfaces tend to get the worst of it.

As such, simply investing in innovative storage solutions can be an easy win in the kitchen. Some of these might be things that hang on the inside of cupboards to hide the clutter away, while others might be designed as more of a decoration-piece to at least make the clutter look more appealing. Either way, it will be a drastic improvement.

Transform the mood with lighting

As anyone who has bought lights will testify, it isn’t always a cheap affair. At the same time, in the kitchen especially, a lot of shrewd lighting is just down to the positioning. Simply focussing the light on the “good” areas of the kitchen can work wonders. Or, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, consider putting lighting on the underside of cupboards. This can really bring your work surfaces to life, particularly if you opt for a different tone. For example, while it won’t work in every kitchen, adding soft blue lights to the underside of cabinets can really add a different ambience to the area.


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