Massages have long been touted as luxury items. For instance, you head to a spa for the day and you relax until you don’t have a care left in your mind; you have a massage and your body feels ultra-chilled out. Whilst there is certainly a luxury element, there are other benefits related to massage, which are actually beneficial to health, and not all just a luxury!

Let’s explore the top 10 benefits of getting a regular massage, which should have you heading to the nearest spa!


Lowers Stress

Massage is a natural stress reliever because it totally relaxes the body and Mind. Regular massages can ensure that stress doesn’t become an overwhelming issue in your life. Stress overall is very damaging to health, and can create serious problems. For instance, stress can increase blood pressure, which in turn can lead to the risk of stroke and heart attack. Stress is also a fast track to anxiety and depression – two things you certainly don’t want to invite into your life.

Many of us are totally unaware of just how dangerous stress can be, and by ensuring that you lower this as much a possible, and if at all possible kick it out of your life completely, you will be doing your health and mind a huge favor. Regular massages can ensure that you’re doing all you can to eliminate stress, and whilst it won’t work entirely on its own, when combined with other stress relieving factors, such as getting to the root of the cause, and ensuring you look after yourself properly, you will be able to considerably lower any stress in your life.


Naturally Lowers Blood Pressure

Stress is one cause for high blood pressure, but there are many others besides. Massage is a deep relaxant, and that means that it can help to naturally bring down blood pressure, which is caused by stress and environmental factors. Of course, many people suffer from high blood pressure due to a medical cause, and in this case, medical help should be sought and any mediation that is recommended should be taken. If the blood pressure is purely down to a stressful situation however, massage has been shown to slowly and gently bring down blood pressure readings, and therefore lead to a more harmonious situation for your body.

We touched upon the dangers of high blood pressure in our last section, but this is one of the top causes for stroke, heart attack, and other stresses which are placed on the most important organ in your body.


Alleviates Chronic Pain

Studies show that the deep tissue and muscle relaxing nature of a massage can help to alleviate aches and pains, which are due to chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Inflammation in the joints can cause severe pain over time, but the gentle pressure and manipulation that massage brings can help to reduce this inflammation, and therefore reduce the pain.

Regular massages for sufferers of these conditions is often recommended by therapists, but there are other pain situations which can be helped, such as temporomandibular joint pain, and chronic neck pain. Tension headaches are also relieved by regular massage, because it helps to relax the muscles and tendons which cause the pain and build up of pressure.


Increases Mobility

Moving on from our last section, regular massages can help to increase mobility in people who suffer from conditions which cause such problems, e.g. arthritis. When joins and muscles become stiff and inflamed, moving around isn’t easy. The relaxing nature of a massage helps to ‘oil’ up the joints and allows the person to move around more freely. Ironically, when this happens, mobility is increased naturally, because muscles don’t have the time to become stiff and clogged up with inflammation.

A highly qualified massage therapist will be able to pinpoint the areas which require the work, and for this to be done safely. For that reason, it is advisable to seek out the best professional around, for the best and safest results.


Can Help Prevent Injury

Many athletes regularly have massages to help them avoid injury in their particular sport. Regular massages help to strengthen the muscles, tendons, connective tissues, and joints, and when these are strong, the injury is much less likely. A weak muscle could easily be damaged, whereas a strong one will take a much harder blow.

If you are a regular sports player, having a regular massage could, therefore, increase your performance and ensure that injuries don’t occur and cause you to have to take time out from your discipline.


Helps to Speed Up Healing of Injuries

In addition to preventing injuries, regular massage has also been shown to help speed up healing and recovery of any injuries that do happen. Sports massages are therefore fantastic for anyone who has suffered an injury and who needs to add strength to the area. Inflammation is reduced, strength is increased, and overall the area is much more likely to heal properly and faster, than someone who simply allows the process to happen on its own.

Again, caution needs to be heeded here, because a current injury needs to be handled with care. Again, this is why you should only use high quality and very professional massage therapists, to avoid further damage.  


Better Quality Sleep

Research suggests that people who have regular massages report that they sleep much better as a result, and not just the evening after the massage. This is all down to relaxation and allowing your body to totally chill, rather than being tense and stressed out. By reducing stress, relaxing your mind and body, and increasing a sense of wellness, which massage brings, sleep will not only be deeper, but more regular.

For instance, if you are someone who suffers from insomnia because of stress, a massage on a regular basis is something which can help you on two sides; you will be reducing your stress, increasing your chances of getting a good night’s sleep, and ironically, the stress reduction will also add to your sleep quality anyway!


Promotes Total Relaxation

We have said the word ‘relax’ a few times already, but that is also one of the top benefits of regular massage. The mind and body are allowed to totally let go and relax, not only in terms of the general mood and feeling but also in terms of muscle tension.

If you’ve ever had a massage before, even just one, you will know that you feel like you’re floating on air straight afterward. This particular feeling is prolonged when you have regular massages over time, and as a result, your body will feel much lighter in general.


Can Help to Alleviate Mild Depression And Anxiety Symptoms

All of the above really adds up to a powerful cocktail, because if you are feeling low, or you have symptoms of anxiety or depression, the stress-busting, sleep-enhancing, and relaxation side of a massage will work to lower these symptoms.

Whilst massage alone won’t battle depression and anxiety, studies suggest that it certainly can be used very effectively in combination with other methods. If you are prescribed a medication by your doctor, using this in conjunction with massage could be very effective indeed.


Helps to Boost And Improve Circulation

Just as you are strengthening your tissues, joints, and muscles, you are also boosting circulation when you have a regular massage. The movements used in massage increase the flow of blood to the area, and this increases health, wellness, and boosts any healing that needs to be done, e.g. if you have damage in that particular area. Overall, well-flowing circulation is always a good thing and can even prevent skin conditions like cellulite.

Healthy circulation is also connected to the anti-aging idea. When your blood is flowing effectively, you have that youthful feel and glow. When your blood isn’t going as well as it should, you don’t feel great, and you might look washed out or pale. Overall, the boost in circulation from a regular massage has a huge range of different benefits, and this is one of the main plus points which shouldn’t be overlooked.



These ten points should definitely have you considering booking a regular massage with a top quality therapist. There aren’t any particular downsides to regular massages, other than the cost, but if you find a good quality therapist, you will also usually find packages prices, which may save you some cash. If you prefer to reap the benefits of massage in your own home, why not invest in a massage chair? The initial outlay is the only cost involved, and after that you won’t need to pay a penny for your regular massages! Your family can also use the chair, and everyone can take part and take advantage too.

The bottom line is that we live in such a stressful world, that from time to time we all need a little helping hand to not only feel better, but be better in ourselves. Regular massages tick both of those boxes, and the many benefits only add fuel to that claim.


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