recover faster from workouts

recover faster from workouts

Ah, you know that great feeling after an strenuous workout. Come on you know? Well, if you don’t, then your not training hard enough, or not at all. That’s no excuse!

Recovery has been always looked as a verb of unimportance in every aspects of life, from the 9-5ers, the entreprenuers, and especially for fitness. Recovery is very crucial and beneficial in becoming a better fitness man.

Here are 5 easy and informative tips on how to recover faster from workouts and smooth out your path to peak performance.

1) Just get some sleep already

Everyone is different. Know and study your body on how many hours you need, and then get them!

Fact: Heavy or prolonged anaerobic activity taxes your CNS (central nervous system). Point to remember, your body precieves these stimuli as threats, that your body switches on your “fight” response, then begins to adapt each time that same stimulus is produced.

Remember “GAS ,” no really the acronym for General Adaptation Syndrome, which states that a period of low intensity (REST) must follow periods of high intensity training. If your body takes close to 36-48+ hours to repair tissues and reverse all the primary affects of stress on muscle tissues., why shouldn’t you give it the rest it properly deserves?

2) Stop with the excuses

I’ve heard it before, “Oh, but I have no time after,…”, this is an excuse and here at Menprovment fitness we don’t make excuses. You make time to train and you’re not going to take the time to grow? That’s bullshit, be productive and smarter at the gym, then your time will have gone to good use.

You can make time for working out, recovery & a cool down while still have time to hit on the beautiful girl at the juice bar. There you go, THREE birds with one stone!

3) Use casein protein

One of my favorite recovery aids at night in casein protein. See, your body repairs itself during that low intensity period I mentioned previously. And casein has a slower release time then other proteins to aid during that period.

You can take your Casein protein shake before bed, so while you sleep you will get a constant surge of amino acids to repair muscle damage over the period of your 8 hour slumber. Buy some Casein protein here.

4) Electrolytes

Gatorade sucks! Water is better! Actually coconut water is better than both. Raw coconut water has less calories, less fillers, less sugar, no heat denaturing, but all the essential nutrients needed to recover. Raw coconut water is pink because it contains phenols which are powerful antioxidants. It’s a more alkaline liquid which helps decrease our body’s own pH.

During intense training, your muscles releases free radicals (attack our cell’s), waste product like ammonia, and depleats the body of electrolytes. Using electrolyte as a supplemental aid can help reverse these exercise induce effects.

5) Static stretching

Stretching your body at rest is very beneficial. Days off are a perfect time to stretch the muscles which have been previously trained.

Delay onset muscle soreness is the stiffness you feel after several days of high intensity excercise. To combat this, hit your muscles again. Yeah you read that right, retrain them but with a low or medium intensity like dynamic (momentum) stretching, then finish off with static stretch. The reason is, once you start training, you will send bloodflow to the muscle which breaks up all the latic acid (the burn residue), and the body is sending oxygenated enriched blood and nutrients to the muscle.

Let the static streaching will be your cool down to bring your body to a rest point.

In Conclusion

All in all, if you are working your ass off in the gym, and not taking the proper recovery precautions – you are wasting your hard earned energy.

Your muscles don’t grow in the gym. They grow while you sleep and rest, and if you are not giving them a chance to do so, you are not only missing out on gains, but you are doing harm to yourself.

Take rest days, have an ice bath, stretch. It will all add up and when you are at peak performance. And the guy who worked out twice as much is recovering from a blown out knee – you can come back and thank me.

Train hard, train smart.

– Pierluigi


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