Being on a constant mode of improvement is the road to becoming a better man. Growth can mean different things to different people. Either way, the results of betterment are always rewarding. If you are going to make a hobby out of something, then seeking improvement may as well be it.

The conscious decision to be well-rounded and balanced in every aspect of your life should be translated into action. There are many avenues for personal development. Once you’ve decided on one, you’ll be setting an irreversible trajectory to a better you.

The key to self-improvement is veering from your comfort zone. Learning and acquiring an important skill is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. You can choose from a wide range of interests out there, depending on the critical part about you that you want to focus on.

Most are bent on developing their strength, confidence, physique, intellect, and other equally important parts. For those who are into safety and protection, the clear choice is learning how to fire a weapon. 

The main factor to keep in mind when starting a new venture is that your success is determined by how much action you’re willing to take. Here are a few interesting choices that will let you get ready, aim at a target, and then fire away at will.


AR-15 Target Shooting

Firearm is a sensitive topic to a lot of people. But one can’t deny the practicality of knowing your way around it. For safety purposes, being able to fire a weapon is always a good skill to have. You’ll never know if you enjoy it or not unless you try it. 

There are so many firearms to choose from. Beginners are encouraged to go with the AR-15 rifle. Compared to that of handguns, this rifle’s recoil is not as strong.

And because of the long-noosed barrel and foregrip, you can steadily grip an AR-15 and aim readily at your target. It’s a semiautomatic, which means it fires a single bullet each time you pull the trigger. The cartridge automatically ejects after firing.

Prepare to shoot by taking on a slightly slanted stance. Put a reasonable distance between your feet to maintain balance, and plant them firmly on the ground. If you’re right-handed, your left shoulder should be facing the target.

With your shoulder forward, use your weaker hand to grip the handguards of the rifle and position your steady hand on the trigger guard. It’s almost a similar stance to that of a batter standing on the home plate, waiting for the fast pitch.

The buttstock, the rear end of the rifle, should be high up on your chest, the same side where you’re shooting from. Always keep both elbows down. Aim at your target by bringing up the rifle, and press the side of your face firmly to the stock. Zero in on your target, and look through the iron sight. Check if the safety lock is disabled. When you’re ready, fire at will. 


In line with the ready-aim-fire theme, the same rule applies to archery. It’s not a hobby for the faint of heart. Archery can improve your concentration, precision, and hand-eye coordination. For protection, always buy and wear your own armguard no matter what the shooting circumstance may be. Also, for shoulder stability and proper posture, it’s best to put on a reliable elastic sports tape before you start firing. 

A massive part of archery is your body’s positioning. Drawing the bowstring requires you to put tension on your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. You have to hold on to that same position as you take aim at your target. When you’re ready to fire, release the string together with the feathered end of the arrow.

A sense of centeredness is everything in this hobby. The more you practice aiming and firing, the more you’ll learn to keep your bow and arrow steady before releasing them. 


You may find this a surprising hobby entry. But if you think about it, lockpicking does have a target. You also need to bide your time in assessing the best approach for it and fire only at the right moment.

Like rifle shooting and archery, locksport is also a stationary activity in which you’re able to complete the task while rooted in the same spot you started with. The difference is that the bull’s-eye is smaller but mechanical. 

Also, the other two hobbies have the potential of inflicting pain on others. Lockpicking does not. As a sport, it has been around for ages. It is underrated because of the bad rap sheet it has accumulated over the years. 

But some evils can also be reused for good. You’ll never know when you may get locked out of your own house. Your parents, partner, kids, pets, neighbors, and other people who care about you may need your help opening a lock one day. The skills you acquire from your hobby just may save the day. 


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