Pursuing the Upper-Echelon Woman: 5 Steps to Get an A1 Girlfriend

Pursuing the Upper-Echelon Woman 5 Steps to Get an A1 Girlfriend

It happened. You met her. She is one of the most sophisticated women you’ve ever encountered: drop-dead gorgeous, brilliant, engaging – you must find out more about her.

You found the courage within yourself to approach her. While you secretly feared that you would be tongue-tied for words which escaped your mind, you engaged in conversation that flowed effortlessly.  And while you learned some things about her, it wasn’t even close to enough. You needed to know more.

By some odd miracle, she gave you her number, and you gave her yours. This is a gracious reminder there a benevolent God that loves you, right? You pat yourself on the back for your game.

You text her the next day, “It was great meeting you last night.  Would you like to go out to dinner with me next weekend?” A few hours later, your phone buzzes. It’s her. “Yes, that would be lovely. I am available on Saturday evening,” she says. You secured a date with her. Holy cow.

Now what? Here’s how to pursue and maintain a relationship with the upper-echelon woman. Let’s turn that date into an A1 girlfriend.

Step 1) Be charming.

News flash. Women love words. In fact, women fall hard for words.  And, yet, most guys find it hard to change their vocabulary when they talk to women.  They get stuck using the same vocabulary they use with the guys in the locker room.  So, rule number one: Change your vocabulary and do so from minute number one.  When you pick her up for a date, do not fail to say, “You look beautiful.”

Use a word that is a step above “cute,” “nice,” or “pretty.” When women talk to one another, we say, “Oh my goodness, you look so cute, love. I adore that outfit.”  That’s how friends talk.  Don’t friend-zone your date! Words like “gorgeous,” “stunning,” “amazing,” “ravishing,” coupled with, “You’re taking my breath away right now. I’m so happy to see you,” put you in a position where she will likely want more with you. But there is a complicated line – high-quality women often do not respond well to excessive compliments and flattery.  They love charming men, but the smart women can see through the games and excess.  They know actions speak louder than words.  Be a solid combination of charming and genuine, alrighty gents?

Actions show affection more than banter and flattery. If you were raised to be a gentleman, show her. Opening doors for a female, pulling out her chair, walking her to the door when you drop her off, and of course- paying for dinner- are all moves that get you into her world as more than just a casual date. Chances are, you will want more with the upper-echelon woman than just casual dating. Do it, stud- bells and whistles.

 Step 2) Kiss like a pro.

So… you made it past date number one – without a goodnight kiss. Well done, lad. You held out a bit. Kissing on the first date is sometimes welcomed by women when we are highly interested in you, but the general rule is to wait until at least date number two to plant one on her and be sure to pick your spot and time with creativity. Waiting until the very end of a date when you’re standing in the doorway is too predictable. Go for something sexier and more spontaneous. That’s dynamic.

And when you do… consider this: One the major secrets of being a good kisser is meshing your kissing style with another person’s. Figure out her style for lip-locking – it’s a two way street. Then, quickly adapt.

Linger a bit, but not too long in the beginning. A solid make-out session can bring a woman from feeling uncertain about you to dreaming of you.

Step 3) You need to seek self-improvement always.

Scoring an A1 girlfriend is not a superficial process. You need to get beyond the physical stuff. She’s smoking hot, has a banging body, etc. Yes, and that’s what all men see when they look at her.  But she is more than all of the surface level baloney that attracted you to her.

The upper-echelon woman is someone who seeks to improve herself. She probably hits the gym and salon regularly, has friends and an active social life- and again, more you don’t know.

Think of the benefits being in a relationship with this woman would offer. She would make you feel special after you earned her affection. She may occasionally bring baked goods over to your place, she may have the stamina to go running with you, she probably has plenty of date destinations in her mind- and may even be willing to give you date planning pointers. The upper-echelon woman will not put up with BS in a relationship, either. If you’re smart, that should be respected. Do you still want the upper-echelon woman? I thought so… Keep reading.

The man who gets the A1 girlfriend and keeps her is a man she isn’t likely to outgrow – he is someone she can evolve with in a “power couple” sort of way. So, you seek to improve yourself always. You constantly are reading a book that you can discuss with her. You make fitness a priority. You work like a boss in the office – on your way to advancement. All of these traits make you more compatible with a high-quality female. Think, “How can I be a high-quality man?”

Step 4) Pursue her.

If you want the A1 girlfriend, you need to “work it.” Work it like you are Tyson Beckford on the runways of Paris – think figuratively of course before you channel Derek Zoolander. Show her all of the ways she will want to be with a man as sexy as you.

When you communicate with her via texting and phone conversations, you should initiate way more often than she does. This will keep your interest (and hers) alive longer than the latter. When you are interested in going out on a date with her, you have a specific suggestion on what you can do together. Women like specificity – it makes us feel special. And ahhh… a plan… that is alluring. When you are on said date, you do not pick up your phone at all to text your buddies or any other females of minor interest – unless you need to drive someone to the hospital. Make her feel like she is the only woman you see in the room.

An important part of the pursuit is being a good communicator. Remember – women love words of romance.  Words of romance are a step above ordinary words.  They create banter, which peaks interest in both parties. Communicate that you are having an awesome time getting to know her and think she’s a fascinating female. Don’t be afraid to speak what is on your mind because opening up to her is not only good for the pursuit, but it makes you feel more comfortable conversing with her. Cutting to the chase here- you eventually need to reach a comfort level where you aren’t completely tough-tied with this girl if you want it to last.

Step 5) Maintain her interest level.

You may feel like all of this is an act you can’t keep up. You may think that you must constantly be on your A game with the upper-echelon female, and that stresses you out. Relax… chill… The truth is that while you should feel inspired to be a better man with this woman, maintaining a woman’s interest level is more about authenticity than anything else. A secret of maintaining a woman’s interest is to ditch the games and be your natural self- absolutely while showing romantic interest in her.

Authenticity is the nitty-gritty honesty in your opinions. You don’t dance around issues, speaking your mind. The sexiest men have an attitude where they attract women to them by not being preoccupied about being well-liked by others.

You keep up the “thinking of you,” texts sporadically throughout the week. You call her in the evenings to talk about your days. And importantly, you figure out what her needs are in a relationship. Even the most independent females have needs particular to them, regarding attention, communication, and intimacy. Once you discuss her turn-ons and turn-offs, make note of them, and incorporate this information into your plan of keeping her long-term. When a woman gives you a subtle game-plan of how to make her happy, listen and ask questions. Every woman is different in her desires, but knowing a woman’s individual and unique desires makes you one step closer to meeting them.

If your lady shows interest in you and your needs, this is always a good sign, especially if she is making an effort to meet them. That alone- might just make her an A1 girlfriend, beyond being the upper-echelon female you admired from afar. Score.


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