The Top Self Improvement Products For Men

It is our mission at MenProvement to empower you and help you reach your highest level. Most things to make that happen are free and it’s beautiful. But we also recognize the need for creating epic goal specific programs that go beyond conventional blogging. On top of that, we also realize that we are not experts in everything. What we have decided to do is along with creating our own products, we will literally try out 90% of the programs out there for you guys, and hand pick which ones we think are worth your hard earned money. There’s some good stuff out there. And if it’s on this page, it’s worth it.

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30 days of discipline

30 Days of Discipline – $10

What Will it Improve? – Your Self Discipline & Drive

Victor Pride, owner of top motivational website, has put together a program to instill in you what he believes to be the 12 most important habits of a successful and proud man.

He lives his life by these habits and when we checked them out, we can see why he lives a life of success.

This program will truly kick your ass into gear.


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date against the machineDate Against The Machine – $47

What Will it Improve? – Your Dating Life, Social Anxiety & Confidence

This product is priceless.

Created by the guys of, this product is their version on an online bootcamp (which they usually charge $1000.00)

It will they teach you how to approach and attract any girl you see walking anywhere in a confident, natural way.

It is truly powerful stuff.[/su_panel]

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the perfect voice

The Perfect Voice – $97

What Will it Improve? – Your Speaking Voice

If you want to improve every part of your life, including talking to women, your career and just being someone who people respect, then changing your voice and speaking in a confident compelling manner is key.

I’ve used Rodgers program to get ready for videos and public speaking and it is worth every penny.

Buy it here.