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Maybe you have a chaotic mind that you want to control or understand better. Or you want to be smarter, be more focused and have a better memory. Or you find yourself with bouts of depression and low moods. Or you want to be more present and relaxed. Having a clear, healthy and happy mind isn’t as obvious as simply meditating, reading or ‘being positive’.

Really, even those of us who are labelled ‘stupid’ still have an incredibly complex brain in our heads which has evolved to function well.

While you may think that you need some form of medication, meditation or special mental abilities, there are some much more fundamental things that must be taken into account that can have a drastic effect on your ability to think clearly.

To really have a clear mind that performs at its peak, the principles that you must be aware of (as backed up by science) are as follows:

Eat a Brain Boosting Foods – Why Diet is so Important

While there are certain supplements that you can take (as listed below), what is more important is to be eating a balanced and healthy diet. You would not believe how much this effects your ability to think clearly and quickly. A great book to check out on the subject, which backs up the science behind this, is The Ultramind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman.

Some things that you can try today:

– Several food groups keep the brain functioning very well. These include matcha tea leaves, spices of every kind, and all types of herbs. Every one of these can control or fight off inflammation. By doing so, they protect the brain from getting damaged by diseases that are mostly irreversible. Dementia is one of them.

– The compound curcumin is found in turmeric. When taken in sufficient amounts, this compound can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s disease from happening. The illness is one of the known causes of Dementia. Also, foods that have a high content of the fatty acid omega-3 causes reduced chances and occurrence of inflammation. Flaxseed oil and fish contain high amounts of this good fat.

– Make sure to also drink plenty of water.

– Cut out processed food and get a good, healthy-eating cookbook.

Practice Aerobic Exercise  – Why Exercise Makes a Difference

Exercise is not just good for the body. The mind benefits from it as well. Aerobic exercise has a direct effect on the reasoning skills of a person. Studies have shown that after people jog or walk, their brain produces neurotransmitters (hormones in the brain) most associated with clarity of thought; happiness and being mentally sharp.

When this happens, the brain processes information faster and you generally feel better. This is why it is important to get your body moving. (For the science, again, we would recommend you check out The Ultramind Solution).

Keep Stress In Check – Why To Address Stress

Stress is an incredibly nuanced subjects, with many different potential causes; Too in-depth for this article, however it is something worth touching on to highlight its importance.

If this happens often, this cycle has the tendency and the power to eliminate brain cells and create damages to the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that creates and stores new memories. It is also where the old ones are retrieved. Memory loss is another result of chronic stress.

Here are some ways in which you can ease your stress levels:

– Stop and take a few minutes off several times in a day to relax.

– Create a balance between relaxation and work

– Do not perform more than a task at one time. This will add more stress to you.

– Implement the two minute rule. As simple as this is, it is incredibly profound in helping you clear your mind. Anything that takes less than two minutes to do: Just do it! Whether that is an email, replying to a message etc just get it off your plate and dealt with. You will be amazed how many loose ends and annoyances that are clogging up your mind will be relieved from your mind by just this one tip!

– Eat right. You can check out Nutrisystem reviews and learn how to do this.

– For more articles on how the mind works and how to actually alleviate most of the work related stress that you experience so that you can be more creative and spend more of your day in flow or in ‘the zone’. Then check out some of the featured, and future, articles from the Editor.

Get Good sleep – Why sleep is important

7-9 hours of deep sleep gives a person a refreshed mind. You don’t need us to tell you that you think better and faster when you are well rested.

This is because there is allot of things going on inside your brain and body which are all impacted by how well you sleep. If there was a pill that gave you all the benefits of consistent, healthy sleep then it would be the most sought out drug on the planet.

This is another big subject and we recommend that you check out the rest of Menprovement or do your own research to find resources on the subject that will serve you. However, for now it is important to be aware that sleep is critical to your ability to think clearly and to your cognitive functioning.

The length and the quality of your sleep contribute immensely to the health of the brain. This is one of the activities that improves memory, alertness and provides comfort against negative emotions.


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