Preparing for a Crisis: What Every Man Needs To Know

You never know when a crisis could hit your country, state, or local area, but when it does, you should always be prepared. You cannot count on anyone else to help keep you and your family safe. According to U.S. News and World Report, the United States was only moderately prepared to help its citizens during a crisis because they scored 7.1 out of 10.

You cannot and should not depend on the government or any other entity to give you and your family the supplies you need to be secure during any crisis. You never know which type of crisis could happen to you and your family. It could be things like terrorism, job loss, disease outbreak, financial crisis, or others. No matter what type of crisis you and your family encounter, there are some things that you can do to be more prepared than anyone else.

Watch the News

The first thing you can do to be prepared is to watch the news each night. You can follow stories to find out what is going on in the world. You should monitor stocks, different news stations, and even listen to experts in many fields to see what they have to say. Gather your information from different places and do not solely rely on one individual to give you all of your news. Listening to different stations and different experts can give you clues about when the next crisis could happen. If you are clued into this information before others, you can get the necessary supplies to be ready so that you and your family are safe.

Gather Medical Supplies

To ensure that you and your family have all the necessary medical supplies to remain safe and healthy, you should order various medical supplies from a medical supply company. You should not wait for the next crisis to happen before stocking up on bandages, alcohol, disinfectants, and other necessary items. These items could save your life.

Supply of Food and Water

You and your family should be prepared to face any crisis and to do this you cannot rely on grocery stores, the government, or any other person to give you the things you need. You should always have an ample supply of food and water stockpiled in a closet or basement of your home. You can purchase foods that you know you and your family will eat over time, like canned food and other food that does not expire. Remember to rotate this food every few months with new food so that you are not eating expired food when the time comes. You should also have a three month supply of water in your home in case the water lines ever get shut off.


You should be prepared to protect your family if the time ever comes. When a crisis hits, we would all like to think that people will be there to help one another; however, this is rarely the case. You and your family may be able and willing to help neighbors and friends, but you should not rely on others to help you. Others may try to take what you have and you should always be willing to protect your family if the time is necessary. Try to stay in shape so that you are better able to protect them.

Goods to Barter

If you are able to secure items and follow the ideas shown above, you can start to think about the long-term planning of a crisis. You can start to obtain goods that you may need during a crisis that you can barter for other things. You may want to stockpile alcohol and cigarettes since many people rely on these things each day. Even if you do not use these addictive things, you can barter with them.


You should always have at least a five-gallon supply of gasoline available so that you can fill your car with some gas to get you to a safer location if needed. You can watch the news for signs that it may be time to fill up all of your cars with gas. Since some crises are unpredictable, it is always recommended that you have at least five gallons of gas stored safely in your home that you can use in your car.

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