Most of the men have a common question in their mind. Is there any effective premature ejaculation treatment? There are a number of effective ways to stop premature ejaculation. But the most important question asks most people are which treatment is useful.

It may be a natural technique for exercise or yoga. You can also go for medical treatment. The choice of treatment completely depends on you and cause of the premature ejaculation disorder. In some cases, one treatment is effective for one man and for other the same treatment may be worthless.

In your search for an effective premature ejaculation treatment, you may have come across several methods on how to solve your sexual problem including using different kinds of male enhancement pills that are designed to cure not only premature ejaculation but other related male sexual problems as well.


Short-lived effects of medications

Various male enhancement products such as desensitizing sprays, as well as specially designed condoms among many others all, claim to help men achieve sexual endurance last longer in bed and prevent premature ejaculation. Although these supposed treatments may work for a short-term duration, these methods are not ideal premature ejaculation treatment because it really does not address the root cause of male’s problem.

Today, many medications can be used to treat this sexual dysfunction. Sometimes, an antidepressant, a cure for mental illness is used to delay ejaculation. A lot of people believe that this drug has no severe physical side effects except for drowsiness and yawning. It even set off a black market sale when it was first reported. Long-term use won’t cause any damage to the penis or affect erection and any effect would be brief.


Start and Stop Technique

Another simple method as a premature ejaculation treatment is a combination of the start and stop technique and the squeeze method. The first one involves withdrawing the penis when you feel you are nearing climax. On the other hand, the squeeze method is done by squeezing the penis for about 20 seconds when ejaculation is about to happen. This can be repeated until you reach the climax.


Numbing Agents

Tropical cream or spray is used to delay ejaculation, this works by decreasing the sensitivity of the penis, cause numbness and thus lengthen the sexual act. Some say that using two condoms can have the same effect. However, some men feel reduced enjoyment when using these creams.

Other premature ejaculation treatment techniques are incorporating more foreplay, deep breathing, masturbation and self-distraction. These methods involve both partners in order to achieve the desired result. It requires a lot of imagination, patience, and interaction to reach orgasm at the same time. It’s just a matter of practice to get the right timing.


Physical and metaphysical

Try to develop your understanding in accordance with the physical and metaphysical world. You should better know yourself and try to control your mind and body. Don’t over excite yourself during the time of intercourse with your partner.


Prescribed antidepressants

Even though you are not depressed although you should take some anti-depressants medicines as prescribed by a doctor. These medicines contain SSRI which means selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. SSRI helps to maintain a central nervous system which plays a huge role to connect between your pelvic muscles and brain. You can last long the bed if you are able to control your mind and your body in an easy way.


Herbal Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

While there abound alternative treatment methods to manage and at the same time cure a man from the condition of premature ejaculation, you might as well try considering using some herbal medications or natural remedies first which could help alleviate such consistent incidents of early orgasms in bed. Using such herbal remedies initially would be a very effective way of treating your problem of premature orgasms. But then, should you find them not working well for you, and then you can always opt to go for the more advanced treatment solutions. What is more, it is said that such remedies contain certain aphrodisiacs that can make any man hold his erection for a time; and at the same time, boost both his libido and semen production.

Remember that knowing the cause of premature ejaculation like treating depression and stress can help. For that reason, living a healthy and active lifestyle is a must. Getting good sex is really possible and choosing the right premature ejaculation treatment is essential.

The market today offers a wide variety of male enhancement treatment including male enhancement pills, how-to manuals, and other related techniques in curing this particular problem. In order for you to be able to make a wise and informed decision when choosing the best premature ejaculation treatment for your sexual condition, always make it a point to do some quick research before signing up to any of the offered treatment approaches. Rasyog Ayurveda is the best premature ejaculation treatment for you. Test their service and they will guarantee you the best results that will restore your sex life in just a couple of minutes.



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