How to Project Power at Work

Confidence is what drives success in the modern workplace. To get ahead of everybody else, you need to act as if you are the leader of the pack. If you think about it, the office is just like a jungle or other wild environment, filled with creatures all competing for food, territory, and alpha status. In the highly competitive business world, the strong and the charismatic survive.
If you’re aiming to move up the corporate ladder and get your underlings to follow your decisions without question, you need to exhibit the confidence of a true leader. You can’t just wallow in your cubicle and let others have their day. You need to be a true master of your fate by taking action the moment you see an opportunity to assert yourself.
Indeed, having the characteristics of a pack leader ensures your dominance over the sheep, or followers, of the corporate world. True leaders can escape the pits of the mundane and learn how to use their charisma and skills to further their careers.
But first, you have to prove yourself worthy, using this guide to projecting confidence.

  1. Take initiative

Mental fortitude involves the ability to act when no one’s acting, observing when no one’s observing, and come up with solutions before anybody else realizes there’s a problem. You don’t do it just to make you feel good about yourself. You do it simply because you care enough for your company that you act for the benefit of the business and your team. Taking initiative demonstrates your willingness to go the extra mile, to become such a vital asset that managers and executives realize they can’t continue to perform at a high level without you. When you provide solutions to problems no one else cared about, you know you have adopted a quality that only powerful individuals should have!

  1. Maintain a strong posture

Now, people tell you the basic stuff that has to be observed while walking: chin up, shoulders squared, and stomach sucked in. This is what we call the trooper stance. Some people might think it looks confident, but it can be so stiff and unnatural that people may ask you if you should see a chiropractor to help relieve the pain. Instead, try to assume a more posture that makes you seem tall and large, but also relaxed and calm. Be as comfortable as you can be so it doesn’t seem look forced, and you’ll be able to exude strength, determination, and control.

  1. Be concise and vocal

Nothing projects power more than language. For thousands of years, leaders have used their ability to be well spoken to build entire political and business empires. You just have to take advantage of your speech skills and project sounds that make an impression. To do that, you have to modulate your voice, but not too deep. Similar to your physical posture, you don’t want to sound forced, but natural, relaxed and in control. When having conversations, don’t go beat around the bush. Instead, make your sentences as concise as possible and get to the point immediately. Avoid passive words and phrases, and stick to strong action verbs to carry your authority.
Projecting power in the workplace is fairly easy. Then again, everybody else might be doing it so you better start proving yourself worthy enough for a better place in the jungle.

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