Positive mindsets aren’t mentioned enough in relation to surviving and beating cancer. The fact is that too many people focus entirely on physical treatment. A lot of the time the psychological side of cancer is what kills a patient.

Paul Kraus is the world’s longest surviving mesothelioma sufferer. He has survived the disease since 1997 and continues to attack it with a positive mindset.

For more information on the form of the disease that attacks the lungs, pleural mesothelioma, look at this resource. Then read on and find out more information regarding other forms of the disease and why a positive mindset is so important with beating it.


Anxiety and Depression Hurt Physical Health

The fact is that anxiety and depression hurt physical health. A negative mindset makes anxiety and depression all but guaranteed. And that alters a patient’s behavior.

It makes them less likely to want to work towards getting better. They’re less likely to want to try to undergo cancer treatment. Over time this grinds them down until they eventually die.

A positive mindset defends against anxiety and depression.


How a Positive Mindset Benefits Physical Health

The key way in which a positive mindset benefits physical health is by lowering blood pressure. People who’re always anxious have a high rate of blood pressure. This causes damage and can make it harder for the body to focus its resources exclusively on fighting cancer.

Together with a good diet, Paul Kraus always stays positive for this reason. He knows that it’s just as important for his physical health as more conventional forms of cancer treatment.


You’ll Want to Live

Paul Kraus doesn’t deny that going through treatment for mesothelioma is brutal on the body. It makes it difficult to want to get out of bed on some days. But you must otherwise you are going to begin wasting away. This is why so many cancer sufferers have a huge amount of weight loss.

A positive mindset is what allows you to get out of bed every morning. You could describe it as wanting to live and wanting to nourish your body.

It’s the will to survive.


Is there Such a Thing as Banishing Negative Feelings?

Things like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness training are all helpful for cultivating a positive mindset. However, what they won’t do is stop you from never feeling negative again.

Negative feelings are as natural as positive feelings. The difference is that some people will overcome feelings of negativity faster than others. This is the point of cultivating that positive mindset.

You will find what works for you when you’re feeling down. For example, you may decide to listen to inspirational podcasts about overcoming cancer or you may decide to exercise to get rid of those bad feelings.

It depends on what works for you.


Last Word – A Positive Mindset Goes a Long Way

Mesothelioma is extremely aggressive and destructive. But Kraus credits his ability to stay positive even throughout the darkest of periods.

It’s not going to cure cancer, but it’s going to support the treatments that go alongside beating cancer.

Do you think you could maintain a positive mindset during cancer treatment?


  1. A positive mindset is everything in life. It’s so crucial. It literally helps us see the path when we don’t see it. When we focus on positivity we will literally see our way out of the problem we’ve run into.
    But when we focus on the negative, we won’t see solutions for problems, we also won’t be as creative, energetic, etc. I totally agree with you, excellent article. 🙂


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