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Marriage is a big deal.

Some people go through life not thinking if they want to marry at all, but many can feel it in them. Marriage can change your personality. Everyone knows that but before you even get there, are you sure you’re ready?

When you’re about to pop the question and propose marriage, what are the signs you’re ready to settle down?

In this article, we list down the top signs that you’re ready for married life. Here are the signs you need to look for:

1. You’re Ready To Settle Down

Sometimes, you look at the person next to you while watching Netflix and catch yourself telling on reflex you’re ready to stop the world, you’re almost ready. When people propose, sometimes it’s all about timing.

Some people can be in a party mood and forget about what is important. If you find yourself stopping everything because of your partner, you’re ready. Knowing who you can settle down is something you will see when the right time comes.

2. Your Finances Are Secure And Open

Whether you like it or not, here’s the thing. Being open about your finances is a crucial marker you’re ready for a marriage proposal. 

Sure, you can be head over heels in love with someone. Even then, if you’re uneasy buying engagement bands Morganite Rings, you’re not ready. The engagement ring is a symbol that you are stable enough on your finances to make the love work.

3. You’re Happy To Give Them All Your Time

Wanting to be with someone every day is the sign that you’re happy and comfortable with them. This is extraordinary, as people like to have their time for themselves. Spending it with another person day in and day out can be boring.

If you are willing to spend precious time with that person day-to-day, that’s it. It’s a sign that you need to propose soon. You already want this person in your life every day, so you need to put a ring on it.

Why? Love can be about small moments. It’s the sleepy Saturdays and the hot afternoons that you spend with each other.

Once you find out you enjoy the slow times with your loved one like the fast times, it’s time for a marriage proposal.

4. You Can See A Future With Them

Many times, the best sign that you are ready to propose to someone is you can see a future with them. If you can see yourself doing things with them in the future, that is the best feeling. 

There are only a few people that can give you a feeling of being the best version of you. Nobody can ever make you feel whole, but someone can nurture a sense of love in you. If this person is your partner, it’s time that you propose marriage to them.

Understanding When To Propose Marriage 

When you plan to propose marriage to someone, being ready is both internal and external. Signs that you are ready are things you can feel in you. If you can see yourself being stable in both emotional and financial situations, you are ready.

Tie the knot!

If you’re looking for more marriage tips, check out our other guides. We have everything that you need when you decide to tie the knot.



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