I have always been a huge fan of podcasts. I attribute so much of what I have learned over the past few years to the thousands of hours of learning I have done while completing other random tasks.

It really surprises me when I meet people who are into self improvement, but they have never dove into the world of podcasts. They are missing the boat. Don’t join them.

Last week we finally released The MenProvement Podcast, which we aim to become the #1 self improvement podcast for men. This has sparked us to create this post to try to get more people on board to the powerful impact podcasts can have. So before you go check it out, head below and check out the top 5 ways podcasts can improve your life.

1) The morning show isn’t going to better your life

Most people have at least a half hour commute to work and back. 7 – 9 AM is filled with some entertaining, but pretty mindless morning shows. Not knocking them, but if you are into personal development, then you can be using this time a little more wisely.

Popping on a podcast for whatever it is in life you want to learn more about can make that 30 – 60 minute commute the most valuable part of your day.

Along with that, it will kickstart your brain for the day through inspiration and motivation. This will help you from dragging around depressingly at work. It’s powerful, try it.

2) Mentors are hard to come by – But not with podcasts.

If you do listen to podcasts, then you will hear most successful people telling you to go out and find a mentor in the field you want to dominate.

This is hard to do. But what most people don’t realize is that your mentors can be the exact people who are telling you to go find mentors.

These guys are seasoned pro’s dishing out their life lessons to you every week. Sounds like a mentor to me.

A lot of people do this, including myself. Even though they don’t know it, Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn & other great guys have all been my mentors. I’ll pay them back later.

3) You can find truly anything

With the popularity of podcasts storming over the past few years, there is a podcast for everyone.

Seriously, from security guard training to vegan eating to tantric sex practice, there is a podcast out there for you.

4) You don’t have to dedicate time to listen to them

One of the most powerful things about podcasts is that you do not have to dedicate time to listen to them.

What I mean is that you can couple them with whatever your doing. You do not have to take an hour out of your life specifically to listen to a podcast.

Do it while working out, do it while working, do it while cleaning.

Take any single task that may be boring or arbitrary and make it life changing. Truly beautiful.

In Conclusion

So I hope that if you weren’t a listener before today, you will be now.

And I hope that if you do decide to listen you take a look at The MenProvement Podcast. It is epic. See for yourself.

Listen to The MenProvement Podcast on iTunes here.

Check out our list of the best podcasts for men here.


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