couple having sex


couple having sex

The same principles apply to becoming successful with women as they do with any sport you have ever played. If you adopt this mindset of this being a sport, picking up girls will not only become easier, but it will be more fun.

1) Practice makes perfect

There are so many guys out there who want to become successful with women yet all they do is read, read and read some more. They do not treat picking up women the same way that they would a sport.

No matter how much information and knowledge you shove into your brain, unless you are applying it in the field, it all means nothing. I spent years doing this, and it wasn’t until I started actually approaching women that things changed.

Like any sport, practice makes perfect. Say you want to be a professional soccer player. You are not going to achieve this goal or get any better at soccer by sitting there and reading about how to. The only way you will get better is to get out on the field and play.

This is exactly the same for picking up women. Its not a mental skill like math that you can read about and get better. Its both a physical and mental skill that you need to practice. Reading will help if you are regularly approaching, but its not even completely necessary at all. If you were just approaching all day every day you would learn through trial and error and develop your own style.

Reading is not necessary, approaching is.

2) It should be fun

Pickup should 100% be fun. If you are not having fun doing it then you are doing it wrong. At first you will be scared shitless, yes, but at the end of the day, after the adrenaline of early approaches, you will feel great.

If you are having fun picking up girls you will be incredibly more successful. Just like any sport, you play your best when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself.

How many of you used to kill it in practice but under perform in games. This was all because at practice you were just goofing around and in games the pressure was on. You couldn’t just let loose and do your thing. I used to score some of the best goals ever in practice, simply because I was having fun.

If you can translate this into picking up women, and just go out there and be relaxed and have fun, the girls will be able to sense it. They will respond to you so much better. Eventually you will be saying whatever you want, just for the fun of it.

3) Its more fun to play with others

There is no doubt, that like any sport, picking up women is much more fun to do with a friend/wing-man. Just like going out to the football field by yourself to train sucks, going out to the mall alone to hit on girls just doesn’t feel right. Now when you have a buddy to have a catch with it gets a little better. And when you have a whole team it is even better.

The same applies to pickup.

When you have a buddy who is also trying to learn it is incredibly fun. You two can go out and play games like having to approach the first girl your buddy points to within 30 seconds or you have to do 10 push ups. Things like this will really help you along the way, and even if you suck, you are with a friend having a fun day. When you have a whole community, like here at MenProvement, pickup can be even better. You can meet up with wing-men and come back and report in the forums on how you did and how everything went.

4) Its competitive

Approaching women is one of the most competitive things you can do. You are competing against every man out there for the ideal mate.

You dress yourself for the competitive edge, you work on routines for smoother interactions, and at the end of the day you want to win that girl. Use this competitive edge to fuel you just like you would while competing against your rival team.

5) You can use performance enhancing supplements

Just like A-Rod, you can use performance enhancing supplements in pickup to get an advantage over other men. Except in our sport, its legal.

Many pick up artists use pheromones to attract women at a subconscious level. There is a lot of debate on whether pheromones are actually effective, but there are full websites and Forums full of men who say they are. I personally have used them during 1 on 1 situations with women and have to say they are the real deal.

That being said, most of them on the market are probably just bullshit and snake oil. But I believe Androtics Direct does sell legit pheromones. I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I have tested some of theirs out and like the results.

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So there you have it. If you take the mindset that picking up girls is a sport I bet you will find that it becomes much more easier and fun to do. You will start to progress faster and more importantly, you will enjoy yourself doing it.

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