Life feels like a scene from The Revenant?

Life feels like a scene from The Revenant

If you’ve seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s epic blockbuster The Revenant, you’ll know just how tough a film it is to watch. And, although the world Hugh Glass occupies is a million miles from modern day life for most of us, his struggle may have felt unnervingly familiar.

Glass spends the majority of the film travelling through appalling conditions for countless miles in search of revenge. Thanks to very clever production design, you may well have felt every painful step. Some of you may have even likened DiCaprio’s journey to progress through your own life.

This comparison may seem overly-dramatic to many, but life can be incredibly tough at times with no visible, positive end in sight.

The good news is, unlike Mr Glass, you have the tools, techniques and people to hand that can help you pick yourself up again. Here’s how to do so in 5 easy steps.

1. Let go of Idealism

Real life, often, sucks. Best laid plans fail, regularly. Goals become harder to reach. That’s life, I’m afraid, but if you’re always pushing for ideal outcomes to everything you engage in, you’ll only ever leave this planet feeling short changed.

Real life is unpredictable, so let go of anything that doesn’t quite work out and move onto the next, exciting chapter – quickly.

2. Get Out and Exercise

Your body and brain needs to be fed with fresh oxygen and the endorphins released when you exercise, so if you’re feeling down, get outside and do something active. A ten minute sprint may be all you need to dust off those cobwebs and bring back happiness.

3. Stop Looking In

When things aren’t quite going to plan, it is easy to wallow in self pity, but in doing so, you’ll be ignoring one of the most important life techniques: the ability to think outwardly.

Speak to people around you and ask them what their troubles consist of. You’ll find you’re not alone and, together, you can help one another.

4. Look Ahead

If something is deeply troubling you, ask yourself a question: will it matter in 3 years’ time? The answer, almost always, will be ‘no’. If you won’t be thinking about it in 3 years time, you can start taking the load off your mind now.

5. Learn and Grow

Ask a successful entrepreneur how they made it in business and they’ll probably tell you they embraced failure. Messing up is one of the most productive things we can do as humans. If you’ve done just that – learn from your mistakes and grow. You’ll learn to be thankful for them.


Hugh Glass was a deeply troubled, vengeful man, but it did him little good. It is highly unlikely you’re suffering quite in the way he did, but if you feel like everything is against you, take time to consider each point above and put things in perspective. There is a way out!


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