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One of the most popular sex toys of 2019 is the penis sleeve. In this guide we will help you what a penis sleeve, what they do and how to choose the right one for you.

What is a penis sleeve?

They are a sleeve usually made out of silicone that a man wears of his penis. This male sex toy sounds like a condom. The difference is a penis sleeve is much thicker than a condom, and their purpose is to increase the length and width of the penis. They are also used as a men’s delay device, which is great for men with premature ejaculation.

There are many different styles of penis sleeves available on the market today. Some increase the size of the male member up to 4 inches. Some include vibrating bullets for extra stimulation. This link has an in-depth guide on how to use a penis sleeve.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right penis sleeve:

Consider the Purpose:

People introduce penis sleeves to the bedroom for different reasons. They can be used as a men’s delay device for those suffering premature ejaculation. Some couples want to see what it would be like to experience a large penis size. Some want to supercharge their penises with ribbed textures and vibrations in order to experience better orgasms. 

Whatever your reason keep in mind features like length, thickness, texture and vibrations.

Identify the Right Size:

Every male penis is different and unique, and your size may be quite different from the other person. The average length of an erect human penis is 13.12 cm (5.17 inches) long. This is the reason why sleeves come in different sizes. When purchasing a sleeve, check the internal diameter and the internal length of the cavity. You want the width to be smaller than your penis, so that the sleeve doesn’t fall off. Most sleeves are quite stretchy.

Choose Your Material:

Male sleeves are usually from silicone and TPR of different densities. Most of them are stretchy and soft for maximum pleasure. But, these materials are different and may vary. 

Your selection will be based on your personal preference and purpose. You need to choose one that you give you and your partner maximum pleasure. As far as sex toys go, these toys are generally on the cheaper end of the price scale. This means you might end up buying a couple of different styles to play with. Experiment to find the one that suits you the best. 

Choose Your Texture:

Some sleeves are made to look like a giant realistic penis. Some are clear, and some are fantasy looking freaks of nature. You’ll need to decide if you and your partner prefer the realistic styles, or the maximum pleasure styles like the rough rider textures.  Both styles come with or without vibrating clitoral bullets, which are designed to give your partner even more stimulation.

Ball Straps:

Some models come with a ball strap. These ball strap versions have two purposes. The first purpose it to hold the sleeve on securely, by having a strap go around the testicles. The second reason is to provide extra stimulation to the testicles. You’ll have to decide if this feature is something you would fancy.


Penis sleeves are a great modern couples sex toy that will take your sex life to new levels. They are also great for men suffering from erectile disfunction or premature ejaculation problems. When you find the right sleeve, you will experience new types of pleasure never experienced before. Always use ample amounts of water-based lubricant with these toys. Keep in mind that although they are much thicker than a condom, they do not go through the same strict testing as condoms do. 



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