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New Rule: You should never pay full-price for anything online. But when it comes to cars, most of the products need to be purchased in person, right? Well, not so fast. From the car floor liners to the car itself, you can actually purchase all things auto online now. Which means that promo codes for auto accessories are all over the internet.

Here’s the problem, though; many times the promo code found in a Google search has expired or is invalid. Most of the time the shopper won’t know if the code will work until they take time to put an order in an online cart.

It can be frustrating to go through the shopping process, and then try to apply a code unsuccessfully at the end. In fact, some websites make users go all the way through shipping and billing info, including adding a credit card number before getting to the promo code. If the promo code doesn’t work, it could make an online shopper throw their computer across the room. But don’t do that.

Let’s use an example. Say the shopper is working on holiday gifts. One of the most popular gifts at Christmas are those gorgeous yet practical custom-fitted WeatherTech floor liners that protect a car’s carpet and seats from winter slush. Because they’re customized and last pretty much forever, they’re not cheap.

Wouldn’t that make having a promo code worthwhile?

We’ve found three promo code websites that will help shoppers buy WeatherTech without paying full price. Each promo code site focuses on providing the best deal possible, and some of them even have other website users validate the WeatherTech promo codes before you ever get near the digital checkout line.

Let’s take a look and get shopping!


  1. PromoCode Watch

    There’s no sign up to do a search for WeatherTech on PromoCode Watch. Just type in “WeatherTech” in the search feature right in the middle of the home page, then click the hot pink Search button. BaZinga! It’s like playing the lottery and winning. In this case, the search brought back not one, not two, but NINE deals in nine different stores.


If that doesn’t put someone in the holiday spirit — nothing will. Here’s a breakdown of some of the deals and discounts that one WeatherTech search yielded:

  • 30% off at Amazon
  • 20% off Advance Auto Parts
  • Cyber Monday Deals Week on Amazon site: One digital fit WeatherTech floor mat starting at $98.32.
  • 25% off on the WeatherTech site.
  • eBay has 15% off.

Let’s take the Advanced Auto Parts deal. Click on the “Show Code” to the right of the ad, which rips off the coupon and gives you a pop-up.

The pop up actually shows the discount code to use at checkout.

Users can rate whether the code worked and can sign up for more deals from PromoCode Watch.


  1. Fyvor

Fyvor is one part fashion-fab and one-part coupon-pusher. At the bottom of the site, users will find articles on hot fashions featuring celebrities and models. But the top of the site has some decent promo codes that visitors can access without signing up. Go to and click on PROMO CODES on the top right.

That will take visitors to another page with coupons. Again, at the upper right there will be a search bar. Type in “WeatherTech.”

The results are immediate. We hit with about 35 responses to the query. The promo codes were peppered towards the bottom of the pile with invalid search results, but the ones at the top (not unlike doing a Google search) were spot-on. The search yielded:

  • 10% off at the WeatherTech site with free shipping.
  • 50% off at WeatherTech.
  • Up to 75% off at Amazon.
  • To name a few.

However, it should be noted that a number of the promo codes were expired and the site still suggested them in response to our search. Taking the first promo code on the list, here’s what happened.

First, viewers should click on the “Show Code” blue bar on the far right of the ad.

Clicking rips away the cover from the coupon revealing the coupon code to use on the WeatherTech site. Easy stuff!

This is a simple way to pick up a few discounts without having the hassle of signing up and having an inbox potentially filled with spam.


  1. Dealspotr

Far and away the best promo code website out there today is Dealspotr. This is a sophisticated site that combines social sharing tools to help users validate promo codes before they waste time shopping, trying to check out, and having the code rejected. That’s because there is a whole community of Dealspotr customers, called “influencers,” out there in the world using the coupons they post, then validating their experience on the Dealspotr site. Here’s how Dealspotr works, for people searching for WeatherTech coupons.

Step 1 – Click “Get Started.”

Step 2 – That takes users to a menu bar that lets them choose why they’re on the site. To look for WeatherTech coupons, click “I’m a shopper.”

Step 3 — This takes the visitor to a sign in page, which captures an email, a username, lets visitors set a password, and join the site.


Step 4 — This is where things start to get interesting. Members have a Dealspotr social media page to follow deals and brands, as well as beginning to post their own promo codes. Users can like promo codes and start to network and share deals. The feed is a cross between a Facebook newsfeed and a Pinterest idea bulletin board. It lets members track all the deals they are intrigued with. Users can repost deals and share them with others. Other users can subscribe to deals posted by other members. The cool thing is each deal posted saves people money so Dealspotr is not only a place to get great deals, it’s a way to connect with other budget savvy people that love a good bargain.

Step 5 — Now it’s time to search for a WeatherTech promo code, which is simple with the search icon at the top right of the page. A Dealspotr search yielded nine solid deals. The personalized feature at the bottom of the screen also recommended other coupons the member might like, based on user patterns.


Have Promo Code Will Shop

Finding the right promo code can be a painful trial and error process that adds pressure during the busy holiday season. These three websites will help visitors not only shop and save big with promo codes for WeatherTech, but they’re great sites for great deals for anything needed to go under the tree this year.


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