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How common is it to have a custom made suit, tailored perfectly to your own body?

For the common man, not common at all.

The closet most gets is buying a suit from Lord and Layers and getting it taken in at the local tailor.

But every man should experience having a suit that was made for him, and no one else.

While this used to be reserved for the wealthiest of men, with tailors of speed dial – times have changed.

Now anyone can get a custom suit, fit to their body, without ever leaving the couch. (Well you have to stand up to take measurements. But it’s pretty close!)

Enter is an online custom suit retailer.

Essentially what they do is let the user (you) go on their site and pick out whatever suit you want. You then go through their instructional videos and take your own measurements in the comfort of your own home. You will need a friend to help you get precise measurements, but the videos couldn’t be more clear. You input your measurements as you go and then you pick out and customize all the details of your suit. The trim, the color, pocket placement (and angles), the fit, your own custom engravings and much much more. This suit is truly one of a kind. Then you check out and sit back down on the couch and relax.

Three weeks later (with free shipping) a suit arrives at your door step that was built for you and only you.

It’s really something special.

What’s the price for a service like this?

A shockingly low, $300 – $450 depending on the suit. Most ranging in the $300 level. For what you get at this price, it makes own one of the best places for a man to buy a suit.

My Experience And Review

When Ownonly hit me up telling me they wanted to send me a suit I was pretty stoked, but I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

“A suit in the mail?”

I logged online and took a look what they had in stock, and I was pleasantly surprised at the selection. I actually couldn’t decide between a straight up blue three piece suit, or something cool like plaid or camo (seriously).camo suit

I opted on a conservative navy blue three piece suit.

Then it was time to create my personal profile including all my measurement and what not.

I took me about 15 minutes with the help of a friend to take all of my measurements and it couldn’t have been easier.

Then I chose my special fitting, did the last minute customizations, like inside color, inside material, hems, cuffs and finally decided on my unique engraving to go inside the jacket.


Three weeks later the suit came.

Inside the box was my suit, a heavy duty hanger, a lint brush, some material swatches and a USB of all things. The extra touches were pretty cool, with no added cost.

But regardless of what else came inside, all that really matters is what I thought of the suit.

I have to say, in all honesty, I am very happy with it.

It’s a perfect fit and the material is all top notch. You seem picture of my handsome ass rocking it below:

Sean Russell in Ownonly SuitSean Russell in

I’m no suit expert being I work for myself, but it’s a suit I will definitely wear and can recommend to anyone.

So much so that I asked them to sponsor the MenProvement Podcast, because I believe that this type of thing can improve any mans life.

Last Minute Thoughts

All in all, a custom suit fit to your body for $300 or so dollars is a solid buy.

To get a similar $300 suit from the department store tailored and fit to you, you are looking at an extra $100 or so dollars. And getting a custom suit in the first place usually costs a premium.

But Ownonly does it at base price.

Plus, you get free shipping and a few nick nacks on top of that.

So if you think something like this is for you, check out and enjoy looking sharp.


  1. Nice Suit! I have been thinking of ordering one myself. I noticed there is a slim fit and a standard fit option. I like the fit of your suit, did you go with standard or slim?


    • Hey man, I believe slim fit as that’s my usual go to. It’s nice, but there are nicer suits out there obviously but you have to go to the store and pay a lot more to get them fitted.


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