organic beard shampoo

I’m no beard guy. My baby face just lacks this manly essence, but if I was one – I know I would treat it well. And I know that a beard is a great sense of pride for any man who can wear one well.

Yesterday, I ran across a great kickstarted campaign for the bearded men out there. Rick, a Marine, a bearded man himself, recognizes the personal devotion it takes to maintain your man mane.

He developed a series of organic projects created with all natural ingredients to keep your beard at its finest, but he needs your help!


He needs some more funding, which has brought him to KickStarter.

What Rick has invested in this cause thus far:

$1800 on research and development to perfect his products.

$1800 on a website for easy transactions,

$2700 in admin and legal fees.

$525 purchased an initial order of the packaging

$8100 on branding attire. Next Level Shirts and Flex-Fit hats to merchandise his bearded customers and “Beardo’s” (beard fans).


Packaging – $2400
Labeling – $2200
Art – $350
Cosmetic Productions – $13,700
Hat Embroidery – $2050
Shirt Screen Printing – $2600

With your kickstarted pledge of $18.00 or more, you will receive this incredible product and be on your way to a healthier and fuller beard. Additional pledge options with additional rewards are available. So if your beard is feeling a little dry, and you want to support beards everywhere, in a real organic fashion – head over to kickstarter and pledge today!



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