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Optimind Review: Scam or A Nootropic to Cure Brain Fog, Enhance Memory, and Make You Limitless?

The new “smart drug” or nootropic, Optimind has been taking the internet by storm with a wide variety of claims ranging from increased creativity to better memory, to reduced brain fog, and overall improved mental performance.
With dozens of excellent reviews from several credible sources, we decided to jump in the ring and give Optimind a try for ourselves. This is our honest to God, no b.s. review of Optimind; the effects, the drawbacks, and our thoughts on whether or not it’s worth your money. 

Have you ever seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper? The movie where a bum writer takes a new type of miracle drug that turns him into Superman?
Have you ever wondered if that drug exists?
Since Limitless, there have been hundreds of companies creating a new type of supplement focused on cognitive performance over physical performance. These new types of supplements called ‘nootropics’ have produced a wide variety of results from high quality to jack shit.
All of these products got us wondering “Are there any nootropics that actually work?
The answer to that is a definitive (and thoroughly researched) “YES!”
There have been hundreds of scientific studies and tests done that have proven numerous cognitive benefits from a number of different products and ingredients.
Now the only question that remains…
Is Optimind one of them?

First an Optimind Ingredient Breakdown:

Optimind is one of the newest, and best marketed, players in “smart drug” the game. If you haven’t seen it’s fancy Facebook ads or epic YouTube videos, you’ve probably been living under a rock.
(Case and Point)
But does it live up to the hype?
Read on  to find out.

The “Problem” with Smart Drugs

Unfortunately over the past several years, there have been numerous products that have relied heavily on fancy marketing campaigns like Optimind’s to detract from having a completely terrible product. This has created customer skepticism whenever a new product (especially a supplement) makes bold claims to the tune of million dollar marketing campaigns.
However, we believe, whenever a product has as many fans and users as Optimind does, with the some of the incredible guarantees (more on that later) it’s worth looking into.
It’s worth noting that Optimind is manufactured a state of the art GMP certified facility right here in the USA to ensure 100% purity and consistency across every bottle of Optimind. This certification means that you don’t have to worry about inconsistency or products that don’t meet certain standards.
If you would like to see a video explaining the basic ingredients and their benefits without reading our long winded explanation of all the science behind each then watch below.

15 Health Benefits of Vitamin D, According to Science (+15 Best Vitamin D Foods)

Optimind Ingredient 1: Gaba

It often comes as a surprise to many sciencey readers that Gaba is the first ingredient in a smart drug, because Gaba does not cross the blood brain barrier… Say What?!?
Before you go writing Gaba off as a merely an unnecessary additive, it’s worth taking the time to think about the overall effect that Gaba has on your body as a whole.
Gaba is an amino acid neurotransmitter that is highly effective at relaxing your brain and reducing stress.
One of Gaba’s biggest benefits is the effect that it has on your peripheral nervous system (PNS, yeah yeah, laugh it up), which is the counterpart to your central nervous system. Your PNS are nerves throughout your body that connect tissue and organs to your spinal column, which basically means that it is responsible for connecting your body to your brain.
Sound important?
That’s because it is.
What’s even more important about the PNS is that it controls almost all of your involuntary bodily functions. Including heart rate, arousal, and your basic “fight or flight” response to stressful situations. The reason that Gaba is so important for your PNS is that the PNS is not protected by the blood brain barrier, which allows Gaba to work its magic.
So what exactly can Gaba do?
Glad you asked!
1) Gaba Can Help Prevent Diabetes by Controlling Insulin Production 
Canadian researchers completed a study testing Gaba on a group of mice either suffering from or likely to get type 1 diabetes, and found that Gaba injections actually reversed the disease in many cases.
Gaba is actually produced by Beta Cells in the body, these are the same cells that are destroyed by type 1 diabetes, leading to lower insulin production in your body. Studies have shown that supplementing with Gaba increases the survival rate of Beta cells and also helps to synthesize DNA in the pancreas which could have regenerating properties.

“OptiMind uses this GABA benefit to maintain balanced energy throughout the day. It helps to prevent blood sugar levels from drastically dipping, which is also key for long-term motivation. GABA also provides additional health benefits to OptiMind’s formula by protecting cells and DNA.”

2) Gaba Can Influence Human Growth Hormone
Gaba has also been shown to increase Human Growth Hormone secretion…which is code for saying that Gaba can help get you freaking jacked!!
While most studies are fairly inconclusive, it has been shown that Gaba can increase the secretion of irGH and ifGH by nearly 500% right before a strenuous workout! While its true that these Growth Hormones are less common and don’t have the full range of effects as HGH, they still make Gaba an excellent pre workout supplement.
So while Gaba may not pass the blood brain barrier, it still serves as an excellent addition to  the optimind formula by calming the nervous system, controlling blood sugar level, and of course helping you get your swole in 😉


 Ingredient numero dos in the Optimind formula is a Phosphatidylserine, an essential phospholipid with amazing benefits. It’s one of the 5 phospholipids that make up the exterior of the cell, or membrane.
This phospholipid is found in nearly every cell across your body, with high concentrations found in the brain. This makes it essential for proper cognitive health.
There are numerous benefits of Phosphatidylserine making it an essential component to optimal brain health and cognitive performance.
1) Phosphatidylserine Fights Cognitive Decline
As you age, the cell membranes in your brain deteriorate leading to decreased mental performance, forgetfulness, slower thinking, and can contribute to diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
Unlike a lot of the b.s. supplements claiming to prevent this and similar issues, Phosphatidylserine has actually been researched enough that retailers have been qualified by the FDA to inform customers about its benefits. Which means this isn’t one of those “We Can Cure Cancer (but this message isn’t approved by the FDA)” type supplements.
It’s the real f’n deal .

2)  Phosphatidylserine Improves Memory, Cognition, and Learning

PS ( Phosphatidylserine) has also been shown to help increase your memory and learning ability by strengthening the inner cell membranes of your brain and improving communication between cells.
A double blind Placebo test recently found that supplementing with PS resulted in improved learning rates and memory. (source) In fact, it was the individuals who put up high scores prior to supplementing who had the greatest results!
And as the folks over at Optimind put it

“People who performed well on the baseline tests before taking this phospholipid actually experienced the greatest increases in performance! So even if you have great mental acuity right now, you may experience the greatest gains by taking this nutrient.”

PS is an incredible supplement with very real and tested benefits that can be as simple as helping you remember where you put your keys, or as life changing as preventing Dementia.

Optimind Ingredient 3: Vitamin D3

It really shouldn’t take much convincing for you to see the benefits of Vitamin D as it is one of the most tested and recommended supplements on the market today. Vitamin D is essential not just for cognitive performance, but also for bone health, and hormone optimization.
I won’t spend a whole lot of time telling you about the effects of Vitamin D here, but I will suffice it to say that supplementing with Vitamin D is one of the best ways to quickly increase your energy levels, increase testosterone, and improve your body’s overall performance.
If you want to read more about Vitamin D, you can check out more information here.

Optimind Ingredient 4: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

The fourth ingredient in Optimind is Alpha Lipoic Acid. Alpha Lipoic Acid, or ALA is another very well tested and studied substance with enormous benefits.
Researchers found that ALA can increase energy and help with weight loss, but more importantly (this is after all a smart drug, not a six pack shortcut) it can drastically improve your memory.
On its own, ALA is a powerful substance that can help you while you cram for those college exams, study your sales pitch, or even try to remember the name of the cute girl you met at the gym (was it Bailey??)…however, combined with the other ingredients in Optimind, ALA is a powerhouse of cognitive improvement!

Optimind Ingredient 5: Caffeine

Possibly the most well known and most widely used “nootropic” on the market, caffeine actually has a number of highly useful benefits to cognitive function that many coffee and tea drinkers are not aware of.
Whenever you drink a cup of coffee or tea the caffeine in the drink acts as a stimulant to your CNS (Central Nervous System) basically waking up your whole body and mind and causing brief alertness and energy boosts.
Optimind has the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of coffee, without the adverse effects. Because of the Gaba in optimind you won’t suffer from the typical jitteriness caused by coffee or the crash that is so often associated with it.

Optimind Ingredient 6: Huperzine A

Huperzine A is one of the most widely known and used nootropics and has been around for centuries, frequently used to restore memory, decrease inflammation, and heal chemical poisoning.
Huperzine A is extracted from Chinese club moss, or Huperzia serrate and has been most widely used as an acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor. AChe breaks down acetylcholine in the body which is one of the most important neurotransmitters for concentration.
Huperzine A has some uncommon and incredibly beneficial effects not found in most nootropics.
1) Improved Sleep
We all know how important catching those precious zzzs are. On days when you sleep well, you look better, feel better and perform better. Sleep is really one of the best nootropics on the market, and Huperzine A helps you maximize it.
According to the 4-Hour Emperor Tim Ferriss, 200-400 mcg of Huperzine A 30 minutes before before bed can increase REM sleep by up to 30%! That means more whatever amount of sleep you are getting will be more restful, more restorative, and leave you waking up refreshed.
It should also be noted that the team over at Optimind claims that Huperzine A can increase your ability to lucid dream. While this this wasn’t something we tested during our trial with Optimind, nor something that has been extensively researched (you can check out a basic study on it here) it’s still pretty badass and makes for an interesting addition to Huperzine A’s list of benefits.
 2) Improved Mental Performance and Neuroplasticity 
Studies have shown that Huperzine A is a fantastic supplement to increase your mental performance and learning abilities. In the following study a group of researchers found that out of a group of 34 middle schoolers (put through a double blind placebo) the students who had been given a huperzine A supplement showed markedly increased scores on their scores.
Pretty sweet huh?
3) Fights Free Radicals
In the following study scientists found that supplementing with Huperzine A increased nerve growth factor production which is a protein critically important in the development, growth and protection of neurons. In addition to this, Huperzine A has been shown to fight against  oxidative cell nerve damage.
So it’s basically like a really badass Chinese ninja-warrior protecting your brain from all sorts of baddies..does this thing get any better?

Optimind Ingredient 7: Tyrosine

The seventh ingredient in Optimind is the amino acid Tyrosine. Like other amino acids, its primary function is the development of proteins, and in the case of Tyrosine it also aids in the development of of some of the most important neurotransmitters in your body.
Tyrosine is a “nonessential amino acid” basically meaning that your body may or may not be able to produce optimal levels of this amino acid by itself.
That’s where optimind comes in.
By including L-Tyrosine in their formula, the team at Optimind has added another layer of benefits to their supplement. Some of these benefits include
1) Improved Mental Fortitude in Stressful Situations
tyro-stressed-out-300x245 In the following study researchers found that by supplementing with Tyrosine, test subjects were significantly less stressed.

“Tyrosine significantly decreased symptoms, adverse moods, and performance impairments in subjects who exhibited average or greater responses to these environmental conditions”

So whether the boss is throwing another hissy fit, you’re struggling financially, or you actually are in a life or death situation, Tyrosine will help you to remain calm, collected and unperturbed under circumstances that would normally make you lose your shit.
2) Decreased Depression and Improved Mood
According to the following article, Tyrosine is also an effective antidepressant, alleviating many of the symptoms of depression without the adverse effects of many antidepressant medications.
While we still recommend you see a doctor or counselor for those of you struggling with severe depression or anxiety,  if you suffer from mild depression or moodiness, it may be beneficial to look into Tyrosine supplementation as a way to improve your mental state.
3) Decreased Fatigue
In the following study, researchers used a double blind placebo to test the effectiveness of Tyrosine of fatigue. They had test subjects pull a 13 hour night shift and found that those who had used L-Tyrosine performed at higher levels for nearly 3 hours longer than the control group!….. Nearly all of the Bio-med and Pre-med majors reading this just shat their pants.

Optimind Ingredient 8: Taurine

Taurine is very similar to L-Tyrosine both in its nature and effects. Like Tyrosine, Taurine is an amino acid, however unlike Tyrosine, its main function (at least within the optimind formula) is to work as an antioxidant, protecting your cells from oxidative stress.
Some other benefits include increased cognitive endurance, and antidepressant properties.

Optimind Ingredient 9: Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 has been used and prescribed for what seems like forever to improve general physical and mental performance.
Vitamin B-12’s main function within the body is DNA/RNA synthesis and CNS maintenance. It can also help improve physical performance, improve your eye’s longevity and fight muscle weakness.

Optimind Ingredient 10: Sulbutiamine

While this interesting vitamin B-1 derivative is difficult to pronounce, it’s benefits are simple and easy to understand.
Sulbutiamine crosses the blood brain barrier (BBB) allowing for easier absorption and efficiency. It has been shown to help decrease fatigue and target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>improve memory and energy.

Optimind Ingredient 11: Vinpocetine

Still with me? Good, we only have one more ingredient to go!
The 11th of the 12 ingredients in the Optimind formula is Vinpocetine (another hard to pronounce mofo) which is derived from the seed of the lesser periwinkle. Vinpocetine has been used in the medical field for decades now, and its benefits have been well researched.
Vinpocetine is possibly one of the most beneficial ingredients in the entire optimind formula. They include:
1) Improved Blood Flow
The first way that Vinpocetine is beneficial to both your body and your brain is by increasing blood flow and dilating the blood cells. Increased blood flow reduces risks of clotting, and increases the speed at which your cells can heal by providing sufficient oxygen.
2) Neuro Enhancing
Vinpocetine is also a potent neuro enhancer increasing a number of essential several key neurochemicals including
~Noradrenaline (norepinephrine)
Considering that the above control everything from sleep to appetite, to your stress response (fight or flight) this makes having optimal levels of all the above neurochemicals of the utmost importance.

Optimind Ingredient 12: Bacopa monnieri

The 12th and final ingredient in the optimind formula, Bacopa Monnieri (a wetland herb) has been used for thousands of years to improve memory and reduce stress. Although many may claim that it is simply more bogus, “ancient medicine” stuff, recent studies have actually found numerous medicinal properties in the Bacopa Monnieri plant.
1) Improves Memory
At this point it should come as no surprise that if an ingredient in included in the Optimind formula, it is probably going to enhance your memory in some way shape or form.
Bacopa Monnieri is no different. Recent studies have shown that supplements with BM (sorry I had to 😉 ) can aid in enhancing your memory and rapidly increasing your rate of learning.
2) Highly Antioxidative
The other main benefit of BM is that it is highly antioxidative, protecting your body from oxidative stress, free radicals, and other harmful agents within your body.
So there you have it! All the ingredients and benefits of the optimind formula…if you made it this far…congratulations, you obviously care more about your brain health than 99.99999% of the population and I commend you for that.
But this obviously leaves one question
“All of this stuff sounds great, but Sean?? Does this shit actually work?!”
Well I am glad you asked, and I will happily answer.

The General Consensus on Optimind

Before I delve into the Menprovement review of Optimind, I wanted to take a moment and briefly touch on some of the other excellent reviews that we have seen hit the market recently.
Art of Manliness:

“I use this every day”

target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Examiner

“OptiMind actually removed some of my mental fog, increased my retention of memorizing….gave me a subtle clarity”

Life Tailored

“Not only was my focus improved immensely, but I didn’t lose the ability to think creatively”

In addition to these pretty kick ass reviews from some of our good friends, Optimind currently has over 20,000 regular customers…a pretty huge number considering they’ve barely been in the public eye for more than a year.
But anyways, enough of this! Onto our review!
Optimind Reviews

Our In House Optimind Review

Like our previous article on testofuel, no review would be complete without some in house testing.
Enter our editor in chief, Austin.
Austin is the Editor in Chief of several major men’s personal development websites including your’s truly MenProvement. He has been using basic nootropics and cognitive enhancement techniques for the better part of a year and is very wary of some of the claims made by many of these companies.
Below is his review of Optimind.

The Results: Does Optimind Work?

Ok, so I am personally very skeptical of any new products that make claims like Optimind does. It’s not that I don’t believe in cognitive enhancement or things like that, it’s just that I have always felt that you can achieve the same results for a helluva lot cheaper using natural methods.
But, when Sean asked me to review it (he was out of the country at the time and couldn’t get his hands on it) I figured I would give it a shot.
The Backstory
For those of you who are wondering what exactly was going on at the time I was testing out Optimind, here’s a small glimpse into my life at that time.
-I was working as Editor in Chief for 2 major men’s personal development publications (including Menprovement)
-I had just co launched my website The Bachelor Guide
-I had just started my first sales job with Vector marketing which added an additional 30 hours of work to the 30 from work above
-I was at a breaking point in a confusing long distance “relationship”
-AND I was getting ready to go to college in 3 weeks!
A.k.a. I had a LOT of crap on my plate, I was super stressed out, and I felt like I might just have an anxiety crash…or at least just degenerate into giving up on everything and sitting in front of my TV in my underwear with a box of cookies.
However, largely thanks to Optimind, I actually thrived during this incredibly stressful time.
Below, I have detailed the effects, the results and everything else you may be curious about.
1) “Feel The Effects in 1-Hour” Really?
About an hour after taking Optimind, I could feel it. I had more energy, less brain fog, more focus, and more drive and determination to kick some ass.
2) Reduced Brain Fog & Increased Focus 
This was probably the greatest affect of Optimind. About an hour after taking it, my brain fog subsided and stayed that way until I finished my trial with it.
The other thing I noticed is that I seemed to be able to hold focus for longer periods of time, nothing big, maybe an article edited in 45 minutes that normally took an hour or something similar, and this effect definitely waned later in the day. However, those mornings when I woke up early, worked out and popped a couple optiminds, I was a productivity machine.
I no longer spend several hours lounging around, trying to think about what I needed to do, I simply started taking action. I was no longer sitting in front of my computer unable to write a word, I knocked out more work in a week than I did in a typical month.
And what’s more than that is that Optimind helped me become much more clear about life in general. While taking Optimind I:
~I bought the domain and hosting for my new podcast and blog
~I finished a greater number of projects for other clients
~I was able to avert a relationship crisis
~All while still juggling everything mentioned above
I had been waiting to pull the trigger on the domain thing for YEARS and after the first day of Optimind, I bit the bullet and did it. My productivity per project was also rapidly increased and I found I was able to communicate more clearly and empathetically (more on that in a minute)
3) Easier Time Waking Up
Possibly my favorite benefit. As someone who loves waking up early, but hates getting out of bed, it was refreshing to wake up with more energy and clarity while taking Optimind.
I was able to spring out of bed in the mornings, sometimes without the help of an alarm clock, and felt energized and ready to go. If you are an entrepreneur or side hustler, you know just how invaluable this truly is!
4) Better Social Skills 
This isn’t necessarily one of the explicit benefits of Optimind, however all of the other benefits (like mental clarity, better sleep, better focus, and improved mood) helped contribute to this.
There were a couple days while I was selling Cutco that I didn’t have time for breakfast and didn’t take Optimind in the morning. On those days, my sales were ALWAYS lower, sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars.
Optimind helped me to be more present and focused when I was with other people. My better mood helped me to be more empathetic and caring, and the increased focus and creativity allowed for an easier time bantering and carrying on conversation.
It won’t turn you into a social genius, but it sure does help.
5) Better Mood
The final benefit was really just a heightened mood while I was taking optimind. I felt better, I reacted better, and just seemed to live better.
I was less stressed and more present, the caffeine gave me more energy and endurance and all the other epic ingredients helped me stay mentally and physically relaxed throughout the day.

My Conclusion

While Optimind is no NZT-1 (I haven’t learned any new languages, become a master at reading people, or cracked the stock market)  having taken a few days off since the writing of this review, I have definitely noticed a difference.
Mentally I was sharper, quicker and more in control. There was less fog and a greater sense of understanding.
While it’s not going to change your life: if you aren’t already living a healthy lifestyle and doing the basic brain boosting activities. (exercise, getting at least 30 minutes of sunlight, drinking bullet proof coffee, and consuming a good diet) Optimind is an absolutely incredible supplement that will leave you feeling better than any multi vitamin.
If you are reading this right now, Optimind is for you, period.

Making a Good Deal Great

So before ending this article, we want to let you know about something that makes Optimind even more badass, and more necessary for you to try.
It’s free!
That’s right! For a limited time, if you order at the below link, you can get a free 10 day supply of Optimind shipped right to your doorstep! That’s 10 days of you performing at maximal productivity levels. 10 days of top energy and focus. 10 Days of being Limitless!
And on top of that, if you order by clicking the picture below, we have even arranged free shipping!
You literally have nothing to lose except precious time and performance if you don’t take action!
So…Here’s to your productivity and limitless performance.
Buy Optimind
P.S. After you try Optimind, if you decide you want to mix up your nootropic stack, be sure to check out our article on the other Top Nootropic Stacks currently on the market

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