Opiates and Male Hormones: How Abusing Opiates Can Negatively Influence Your Testosterone Levels

As men, we pride ourselves on our ability to be masculine, get things done, push our bodies to the limit and maintain a level of calmness during dire situation. One of the most important factors that contributes to these areas is the naturally-occurring testosterone in our veins. Although movies like Rocky and Terminator would make you think that you need to dismantle and destroy everything in your path to boost your test levels, the opposite is quite true. More importantly, there are outside factors, such as opiates, that can greatly diminish our level of testosterone and render us feeling sad and useless for extended periods of time. If you’re suffering with an opiate addiction, or know someone that is, this article will demonstrate the severe effects that opioid use causes on the male body.

Low Sex Drive, Unhappy Life

Let’s cut to the chase, the male body was designed to have a healthy sex drive and desire relationships with a romantic partner. When we fail to do this, our system begins to turn on us and give us warning signs that something is going on below the surface. Be honest, have you experienced any of the side effects listed below?

  • You don’t desire to make romantic contact with a sexual partner.
  • Your relationships are dwindling and you can’t understand why.
  • Sex becomes boring, tedious and something that you dread performing.
  • Erections become harder to maintain and rarer to witness.
  • Romantic feelings and signs of love are few and far between.

Although these symptoms can arise in healthy males from time to time, when they become habitual, or almost a daily occurrence, it’s time to face facts — opiates are destroying your testosterone levels. A healthy level of testosterone will ensure that you push through the hard times with vigor and look for romantic partners regularly. If you can’t remember the last time you experienced these instances, it may be time to seek therapy from an addiction coach or doctor.

Sad, Unmotivated and Tired

Another telltale sign that opiate addiction is lowering your testosterone is when you notice that feelings of joy and happiness are a rare sight. When was the last time you had a blissful experience? Even more importantly, can you remember a day where you didn’t feel tired, bogged down by responsibilities or ready to take a nap at random? Many individuals addicted to opiates chalk these experiences up as something that inevitably comes with age and the regular routine of life.

However, low testosterone has a direct correlation with levels of fatigue and rapid emotional fluctuation. Popular articles and scientific literature reveal that regular opiate use can lead to numerous side effects that reduce our ability, as men, to be productive in both our personal and professional lives. Basic tasks like completing administrative duties at work, communicating ideas with coworkers, balancing work and personal life, engaging in conversation and making rational thoughts become uncommon as opiate-induced testosterone decline continues. If you’re noticing these symptoms beginning to arise, seek guidance.

It Hurts Those Around You

Our testosterone levels are personal to us as men, but the impact it makes — big and small — has a compounding effect on those around us. Have you noticed how small arguments, bickering and challenging those around you seem to become more prevalent over time? Lower testosterone levels make men seek to get revenge and hurt those that have wronged us in the past instead of seeking to find a solution. Ultimately, this kind of behavior will drive those that we care about the most away from us and damage our long-term relationships that we’ve formed.

Lastly, it’s important to realize that your life is within your hands and you have the chance to save yourself before it’s too late. To put it bluntly, opiate addiction is deadly and never ends with happiness. Thousands of people lose their lives to this battle in the United States alone and most of those individuals range between twenty-five and fifty-four. There are people out there that want nothing more than to see you succeed and become the best version of yourself.


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