Want to step up your stamina and your game?

Well, you should probably try using different kinds of food supplements to boost your athletic prowess.

But did you know that there is a new albeit unconventional way of gaining that athletic body and performance you’re aiming for?

It’s by using cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Before you think that this oil is illegal, read this – CBD isn’t the same as weed. Intrigued? Well, read on and learn more about the oil and its benefits for you and your game.

What’s Cannabidiol Oil?

Simply put, it’s a special kind of hemp product which contains a non-psychoactive compound. This substance does not negatively alter a person’s state of mind, making it safe for regular use.

This hemp oil is often viewed as medicinally-beneficial. Aside from that, CBD has very limited potential for abuse, making it both legal and safe.

In fact, owning and using CBD oil is legal in most countries. Use of the oil is also not prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Association, making it a suitable option for athletes.


Differences with Weed

CBD oil is derived from the same hemp plants as where weed comes from. The difference lies in how these plants are cared for, and what substances are inside these plants.

CBD is a major component of the cannabis plant. It comprises around 40% of the plant’s natural extracts. CBD is touted as safe because it doesn’t interact negatively with a person’s brain and doesn’t cause addiction. It also improves the body’s use of its own cannabinoids (yes, we all have innate cannabinoids in our internal body systems).

Hemp plants rich in CBD are usually those female plants that have pollinated with male hemp plants. These female hemp are gathered, and their CBD-rich extracts are collected to become CBD oil.

Weed, on the other hand, contains less CBD but is mostly comprised of another substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the substance responsible for the high-inducing effects of recreational weed. THC proves to have little benefits for the body; it’s even harmful as it can alter a person’s state of mind quickly and make him feel elated and addicted.

The THC found in recreational weed and marijuana are extracted from female hemp plants that have not been pollinated.


Step Up Your Health

You know how important it is to stay in good athletic shape and improve your anatomy – and that’s why you eat healthily, exercise often, get enough rest, and consume a wee bit of stamina-improving supplements.

It’s for that same reason that you should consider adding CBD oil to your list of supplements – and here’s why:


Trims off excess fat and keeps you at an ideal weight

You know that traditional weed can give you “the munchies”. That’s because of THC kicking in the wrong way. Recreational weed is bound to make you fatter, not leaner.

But its trusty cousin, cannabidiol (CBD) oil, has been found to reduce hunger pangs and keep you satiated for longer. The oil can help suppress your appetite, thus preventing bingeing episodes. This translates to healthier food choices and fewer pounds to shed.


Improves Insulin function in the blood

Insulin has a huge impact on your digestion and metabolism. Insulin is a hormone secreted by our pancreas. It carries glucose from the food we eat into the bloodstream, to be later transported to different cells. The glucose that insulin carries is then transformed into energy.

Poor insulin sensitivity means that your body’s insulin isn’t capable of carrying glucose to your cells effectively. Sometimes, too much insulin can even pool in your bloodstream.

CBD oil improves insulin sensitivity, helping the hormone carry out its functions effectively. The result? You get better glucose transport to cells, which means more energy for your workouts. Your blood sugar levels also stabilize, and your high-carb food cravings lessen.


Stops too much inflammation

Sports and extreme workouts can take a toll on your health and athletic performance. Plus, you are highly prone to injuries brought about by exerting too much physical effort. These injuries consequently bring inflammation to various body parts such as the knees, ankles, and arms.


How can you possibly improve your athletic prowess when you’re always injured and nursing an inflammation somewhere in your muscles or joints?


The key to enhanced athletic performance is to heal your inflammation. While over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen can do it, they pose higher risks of getting long-term side effects.


CBD oil could be a suitable painkiller. It contains properties proven to alleviate swelling, redness, and pain on inflamed body parts. Since CBD oil is all-natural, the odds of getting long-term side effects like kidney and stomach problems are indeed lesser.

After CBD oil has removed your inflammation, your tissues begin to heal naturally.


Helps You Relax

Fretting over an upcoming game? Better not be. A relaxed, stress-free demeanor is essential for keeping yourself athletically fit. If your mind is at ease, then your body will definitely feel it.

But if you just can’t stay still, CBD oil can offer you some help. The oil can make you feel calm and relaxed. How? Well, the oil can significantly lower the amount of cortisol in the blood.

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands every time you get stressed out. Higher cortisol levels in the blood indicate that you’re feeling a bit anxious and jumpy. But when CBD oil kicks in, cortisol levels drop, significantly taking off anxiety and replacing it with a calm and quiet demeanor.

Once you feel stress-free, you’re able to focus more on improving your performance while shutting out negative thoughts provoking your anxiety and stress.

By the way, CBD has also shown potential in bringing restful sleep. As you probably know, good quality sleep is essential not only in keeping stress levels down but also in accelerating healing and recovery.  

In a nutshell, CBD oil has numerous benefits on your physical and mental health. All these perks ultimately lead to improved athletic performance and greater self-confidence.


Wait, what’s with Chocolate?

You may grab all the health benefits mentioned above by taking CBD oil in oral, sublingual, topical, and vapor forms. However, did you know that a bit of chocolate can improve CBD oil’s benefits for your body?

Chocolate-infused health supplements are all the rage today. It’s because chocolate contains a compound called anandamide. This substance occurs naturally in your brain and serves as a neurotransmitter for cannabinoids like CDB.

Anandamide helps the compound last longer in the bloodstream, and that translates to longer beneficial effects in the body.

Grab your fix of chocolate-infused supplements and consume them alongside CBD oils to get maximum health benefits.


Final Thoughts

Cannabididol (CBD) oil is a safe, legal, and natural way to obtain amazing physique and performance. You can get various health benefits such as improved weight management, healthier eating habits, better insulin function, faster healing of inflammation, and a healthier state of mind.

In conclusion, if you want to step up your game and make yourself healthier in the long run, why not try taking CBD oil and see the difference for yourself?



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