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Now that we’re in the swing of 2019, it’s time to start thinking about professional resolutions. Check out these career resolutions for 2019 and start planning.

2019’s here. How’s your resolution going?

Did you resolve to advance in your career? Nice try.

We both know that goal’s too vague and undefinable to ever be considered checked-off. Halfway through the year, it will be deemed impossible (which it kinda is) and ultimately abandoned. So let’s start this whole thing over the right way.

Do you really want to advance in your career this year? Then let’s try some career resolutions that are a little more tangible.

Below are 5 clearly-defined, practical, and well-within-reach job resolutions for a happy, thriving career in 2019. If your unobtainable wisp of a resolution is falling flat, use this list of resolutions for a measurable improvement in your career this year.


#1 Refresh Your Resolve

The start of a fresh, new year is a great time to take a fresh look at your current career choice. Ask yourself some deep, philosophical career questions. Here are some to get you started.

Are you happy with your career? Do you feel proud about what you do and how well you do it?

Has this career turned out like you’d hoped? How long do you plan to stay with this career?

What else might you do? What do you want your career to look like in 5 years? 

Take some time to really reflect on these questions. Come up with your own questions and think long and hard about those, too. 

This will help in one of two ways. Either you’ll feel better about your current career or you’ll motivate yourself toward an exciting, new career path. Either way, it means being happy, passionate and energized in your career.


#2 Develop Career-Healthy Habits

It’s self-evaluation time. Before your boss, or interviewer, gets around to it, give yourself your own performance review.

What are your greatest weaknesses when it comes to your career? Are you lacking in leadership? Are you prone to procrastination instead of productivity?

What questions are you hoping the interviewer won’t ask?

You know what your biggest opportunities for improvement are. So stop wasting time. Get proactive and form the habits that will train away your most glaring weak points.

This makes you ready for your future job or for advancement in your current job. Even better, such habits will become permanent until you reprogram them. That means you’ll stay ready for anything that happens next.


#3 Never Stop Looking

Speaking of being prepared for what’s next, here’s one healthy habit we’ll make easy and practical for you. Take just a tiny bit of time–say, one hour per week–looking for a new job.

One hour a week isn’t hard. But it’s so beneficial.

For one thing, you might just find, and land, a better job. Who knows, right?

For another thing, it keeps you connected and ready to jump into something new, just in case. What happens if you get fired, laid off, your company goes bankrupt, or your workplace catches on fire?

Normally, you’d spend a bunch of weeks unemployed, searching for a job. But if you keep looking and networking right now, most of your job-hunting work will already be done. You’ll thank yourself for being so prepared.


 #4 Grow Your Skills

Now ask, what are your greatest strengths? Or, what underdeveloped skills are you most interested in growing?

Resolve to become even more amazing and things you’re already great at. Get some applicable college courses in or inquire about on-the-job training. Even boning up on self-help (read: Menprovement) articles can help.

Beefing up the already beefiest parts of your resume takes it from “awesome” to “even more awesome.” It makes you that much more impressive to anyone paying attention (like job interviewers) and makes you more likely to stand above the competition.


#5 Refresh Your Resume

Part of always looking for a job is always keeping your resume updated. In fact, you can include this in your one hour per week.

But first, you’ll have to take a long sitdown with your resume to spruce/spice it up. Start with making sure your job history, contact info, and all the other, boring-but-necessary data is correct and up to date.

Then comes the fun part. Add all the wonderful career skill improvements you’ve been making.

And make some variations. Give a new, fun voice to one version. Give a different version a more serious tone.

This gives your resume some flavor options. Hand out the one you think that particular employer will like best.

Lastly, if resume writing really isn’t your forte, have someone else do it. There are tons of companies you can hire to write you a super-impressive resume. Find these by Googling something along the lines of “10 Best Resume Writers.”


 2019 Career Resolutions

There you have it: career advancement and fulfillment in 5 easy steps! Take these simple, practical career resolutions to work with you for a happier, healthier career.

Need more self-improvement tips? That’s… literally all we do. So here’s one: How to Create a Good Morning Routine and Why You Must. 


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