erectile dysfunction

ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a condition that affects men all throughout the world. A lot of people tend to be ashamed to talk to their doctors about this kind of condition because it involves a lot of personal matters. Most men experience ED at some point in their life affecting relationships.

A lot of emotional problems can arise in men when they experience ED. Self-esteem issues are most common, and the most hit are their partners. A lack of worthiness can be very depressing for some men and could lead to more serious problems if left unchecked.

With ED being enigmatic to most people, especially men, a lot of myths and supposed “truths” spring out of nowhere. Some of these are hard to believe, while the other facts border on the “scientific.” omg brah click here to find out more ways to treat and improve performance when it comes to ED. To clarify a lot of claims and to reassure guys’ confidence out there, here are some myths and the truths about Erectile Dysfunction.


The Myth: ED is part of Growing up

While Erectile Dysfunction is common in men with advancing ages, ED doesn’t have to be part of a man’s normal process of growing up. A lot of people experience ED in their late 60’s and some cases, people as young as 20 experience the condition. A lot of factors certainly contribute to ED, not just age.

Verdict: Plausible


The Myth: The Effects of ED are exclusively for Males

While all the physical effects of having ED is clearly for men, the mental aspect of it is often shared especially if they have partners or if they are in a relationship. A partner may not understand the condition and can feel unloved and at times, unwanted. There have been a lot of instances where relationships tend to break down because of Erectile Dysfunction.

Verdict: False


The Myth: Bad Habits can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction

Bad habits and vices do increase the chances of a man experiencing ED. Cigarette smoking causes damage to the tiny blood vessels which can alter the normal blood flow responsible for an erection.

Verdict: True


The Myth: ED means that only the Penis is experiencing something wrong

Having Erectile Dysfunction can be a sign of some serious ailments such as high blood pressure, depression, and diabetes. Conditions that affect the normal blood flow within the body can all contribute to ED.

High cholesterol can make blood thicker than usual, making the tiny blood vessels ineffective during erection. These conditions are considered dangerous as it could lead to more serious conditions such as heart attacks and aneurysms.

Verdict: True


The Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is for Men who have low Testosterone levels

Men usually have normal testosterone levels even if they have erectile dysfunction. No specific study can scientifically prove this myth. Raising testosterone levels for men who have ED probably won’t help at all.

Verdict: Plausible


The Myth: Men who have ED have low libido

The truth is, sexual desire is more concerned about hormonal levels in the body. Some men do not engage in sexual intercourse because they fear that they will not have an erection at all. ED has no relationship with low levels of libido. It is perfectly reasonable for a person with a high libido to have ED, as is an individual who has low libido and doesn’t have ED.

Verdict: False


The Myth: Wearing tight underwear can cause Erectile Dysfunction

Tight underwear can not cause ED. This fact was born due to the studies suggesting that tight underwear causes a temperature increase in the testicles of men. A more reliable study confirms that tight underwear is more likely to result in impotence rather than erectile dysfunction.

Verdict: False



ED is ever becoming an increasing reality for most men today. The physical and mental effects that erectile dysfunction brings can be very debilitating for some. ED can cause depression and feeling of unworthiness in men.

ED can also be a sign of much more severe diseases such as stroke and diabetes. Mentioned above are the myths that can assure and empower men to take action if they have this condition. Usually, feelings of shame and pressure prevent men from approaching their doctors.

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