Must Have Items for Your Gym Bag

Must Have Items for Your Gym Bag

There are many among us who don’t know or don’t care about the items we carry in our gym bags.

We are always hitting the gym in a rush, frantically running out the door, forgetting to carry the basic kit that will help us to crush our workouts and achieve those sweet gainz.

I mean really, how many of us who go to the gym really pay attention to our gym bags? For me, it was just another bag with a towel and shampoo.

In this post, we’ll be discussing a few must-have essentials that all gym bags should have.

1. Have Your Music

Music plays a profound role on your performance in the gym.

Of course, most of the gyms have their own music going on, typically to the beat of Taylor Swift and Nikki Minaj (not exactly “beast mode” music is it?) but nothing beats having your own music while working out. Having a personal selection of songs will help you to enjoy your training and also assist in delivering better results.

One of the best investments of time that you can ever spend is to meticulously craft a high quality gym playlist that get’s the blood flowing and gets Hulk ready to SMASH!

Quite interestingly, music will also help you focus more on your training, and will keep you away from gossiping with fellow mates.

2. A Bottle Of Water

Carrying a bottle of water is so rudimentary yet so frequently forgotten by many gym-goers.

Good hydration levels are incredibly vital when you are training. Therefore, instead of relying on the tap water or paying an extra dollar for bottled water at the gym, it is advisable to carry your own home/work-filled water bottle.

And, don’t forget to keep taking on little sips from the bottle while you are working out.

3. Carry A Post-Workout Supplement

After your workout session is over, your muscles have been strained, torn, and otherwise screwed up (in a good way). Your objective now should be to create an anabolic environment for the carbohydrates and proteins to go straight into the muscles, and for

Your objective now should be to create an anabolic environment for the carbohydrates and proteins to go straight into the muscles, and for this, you need to use insulin immediately post workout. Some of the bodybuilding supplements

Carry a solid pre workout in your gym bag, and follow the dosage as per recommendations mentioned on the cover. Drink plenty of water before taking the supplement post workout.

4. Carry A First-Aid Kit

Your gym should have first-aid tools available on their premises; however, bringing your own basic first-aid materials will come in handy. You should carry antibacterial wipes, few bandages and pain relief medicines in your bag. Even joint braces can be considered in case if you are performing high intensity exercises that put a lot of stress on joints.

5. Personal Hygiene Items

Personal care items such as deodorant, travel-sized shampoo and soap, lip balm, baby or body wipes, and a moisturizer, should be carried in the bag at all times. You don’t want to face the disappointment of forgetting something that is essential to your workout.

Most of the gyms offer you towels for rent, but it is better and cheaper to bring your own. Also, a feminine product should be stashed in the bag somewhere.

6. Something to Beat off the Munchies

Oh yes!

You should always have something to eat close at hand.

But not just anything, something really healthy. With healthy, I mean the nutrient that your body needs the most in the gym and what better than a nutrition bar. Keep it in your bag, not hidden somewhere deep but close enough to reach out, whenever needed.

7. Extra Pair Of Clothing

Accidents can happen at the most unexpected times. So it is advisable to pick an extra pair of tee or shorts or may be a scarf or anything you think right. It may also solve a problem like if you have to go out immediately after a gym session to meet a friend. This will eventually save your time of going home and then rushing out to fulfill your commitment.

8. A Deodorant To Save Others From Dying, Literally

This is one of the most important things that you should stash in your bag. Apart from saving others from the obnoxious smell, it will save your reputation as well. Wipe off the sweaty parts with the help of body wipes you have and apply the deodorant. This will freshen you up instantly.


Your gym bag should reflect your personality and personal goals. Here, we have listed only a few basic items that you must carry in the gym bag. However, the list is not comprehensive, and there are other items such as well fitted clothes, good shoes, and a good watch should also be kept in the bag. All these items will prove to be incredibly useful to any trainer who takes his or her training seriously.

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