MPP132: After Listening to This, Your Brain Will Not Be The Same

MPP132: After Listening to This, Your Brain Will Not Be The Same

MPP132: After Listening to This, Your Brain Will Not Be The Same

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The MenProvement Podcast: Episode #132

This is episode #132 of The MenProvement Podcast. In this episode I talk with a neuroscientist, Silke Glab.

About Silke

MPP132: After Listening to This, Your Brain Will Not Be The Same 1 She completed a Master Degree in Psychology from Munich University with a Cross-Cultural experience and 15 year Training and Advisory career with positions held as Training Manager at T-Online for Technical and Customer Care Support, Research Assistant at Psychiatry Ulm for Quality Assessment and as Project Consultant for German International Cooperation (GIZ) in Kenya prior coming to Dubai.
With her profound knowledge in NLP Master Coaching and Hypnotherapy (Marisa Peer method), she can assist you to elevate your brain power, change limiting beliefs of your subconscious mind and release stuck energy in minutes so that you can align your personal goals with our highest mission!

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Show Notes



You don’t have a brain, YOU ARE YOUR BRAIN.
Imagine you got a brain transplanted. You wake up the other day and look into the mirror: What will happen?
You will recognize yourself looking into the mirror, but you are not there. Your identity of yourself is your brain. With another brain, you would be another person.

The Function of Your Brain

Our brain consists of 1 Milorad Million nerve cells or neurons. They communicate through tiny waves of electricity which are stimulated by chemical substances at junctions (synapsis).
Such synapses change with usage and learning takes place. Either the synaptic connection is strengthened or a new synapse is formed.
The idea that learning is essentially the modification of synapses in an ever-changing plastic brain has become one of the dogmas of modern neuroscience”.
Recent research, however, suggests that memory is stored inside the neuron.
In summary, your history and experiences are carried through the strengthening of synaptic connections or memories stored inside your brain cells. YOU ARE YOUR EXPERIENCES!

4 Things About Your Brain

You don’t have access to everything that’s going on in your brain

You are not aware of tiny changes in your brain.
Research with traders in the scanner: Traders were tested in a scanner about their behavior while trading with bonds. Researchers looked at two functions of the brain: when the trader made a mistake by a) either not buying the bond though it was recommended (risk avoiding) or b) taking the risk though it was not recommended.
In both cases, researchers found that though the trader made the mistakes certain areas of the brain related to risk-taking or avoiding were activated before the action. The brain works better than the trader, who interpreted the signal in the wrong way or was not aware of it.

Your mind does exactly what it thinks you want it to do and what it absolutely believes is in your best interest.

Give an example of an 8-year-old boy reading out in class and his conclusion to avoid pain again and their future implications.
Solution: I chose to do it. It thrills me. I have chosen to feel great about it.

Your mind only responds to two things ever, the picture you make in your head and the words you say to yourself.

Give an example of fear of flying… and the change of picture and words.
The power and weakness of words demonstrated.

If you want to have success you have to make what is familiar unfamiliar, and what is unfamiliar, familiar.

Break out of your routine.
Stop drinking diet coke becomes I don’t want to drink osteoporosis in a can. Science has proven it with the 10-day phenomenon.
It’s by your words, your thinking, and your actions.


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