MPP131: How to Get in Shape (Even if You’re Busy) With Julian Hayes

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This is episode 131 of The MenProvement Podcast. In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast I talk with Julian Hayes.

Julian About Your Health

Your health is an investment, not an expense.

Unfortunately, the narrative above is often times flipped the other way around.

To get everything done, many busy entrepreneurs, executives, high-performers, and business owners end up sacrificing their health for the growth of their business and career success. Working at a breakneck pace without proper attention to their well-being begins to take a toll on their bodies.

Weight gain. Lethargy. Poor sleep. Foggy cognition. Irritability. Not loving what you see in the mirror despite the career success. 

You know you should be eating better instead of opting for convenience and junk food. You know exercise is important. You know sleep is important. You know family and relationships are important.

But you struggle to find the time, consistency, motivation, strategy, and energy to do it. Running a business, making an impact, maintaining enriching relationships, and leading others while maintaining optimal health is tough.

With that said, following the typical model of hustle at all cost and placing health on the back burner is working backward.

Think about it:

Eventually, you’ll have all the resources in the world, but a decreased quality of life to enjoy it.

And this is why the Art of Fitness & Life exists.

Text “AFL” to 444999 and get a free cheat sheet to reboot your health & fitness or..

Go to: Fitness For Busy Entrepreneurs 

JULIAN’S WEBSITE: Art of Fitness & Life



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